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GSX1400 owners represent !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Yes - and I LOVE it !

  2. No - I bought the X-gay-R 1300 instead. D'oh !

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  3. No - I have something else entirely

  4. What? This isn't the Hyundai Excel forum ?

  1. So, I know there are at least a few on here... who owns a GSX1400 ?

    I sent some money to a fella today so I guess I do!
  2. there must be some more of you out there !
  3. Sorry. I looked hard at one. And an X-Gay 13, Bandit, and a bunch of other larger bikes. I wanted a litre class sports, but I needed to carry a cook of generous proportion, so...Hayabusa and ZX14 top of the list. She said "I could get used to one of these" when she saw the 14 so grabbed the moment before it passed. Haven't regretted it at all.
  4. i bought 1 2 months ago,
  5. its a great bike, except for the noisy fuel pump
  6. There is a "fix" for the loud fuel pump.... louder pipe/s,
  7. Noisey fuel pump = win anyways!

    Will be looking at these in 12 months time I reckon.. Nice bike
  8. need a new headlight, some bastard smashed mine. any ideas.

  9. I've had one for a couple of months and love it.