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gsx1400 or xv1700.....FIGHT

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by stagwaffe, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. hellevening, im after views please. ive got a gsx1400 which i ride daily,to work and for fun,any weather.ive had sports 600/1100's zrx1100 vfr750 cbr1000 etc, but never a cruiser. i stumbled on a gorgeous new 2008 xv1700 roadstar warrior and its seducing me..the write ups are brill' and it looks plenty fast. i cant testride it 'cos its new,i believe the new ones have a bigger tank and more power.does anybody fancy convincing me either way, and for what reason. theyre both fab. thanks

  2. You can't test ride it? That seems wierd.. i wouldn't be buying a bike i hadn't rose first! :S
  3. thanks melbas,yes i know what you mean but they havent got any others and its done no miles,and theyre very rare here so theres none to try.I think they dont want it to be "used".maybe if i threaten them with a deposit theyll let me...;Wag
  4. do a quick google on motorcyclist magazine, or cruiser magazine, and they have road tests that should confirm it is a good bike.
    Most reports I read talked about the 'all round' package retained character, but delivered.

    Note that power output is not that high for such a large engine, but since most bikes over 650 are 'overpowered' anyway, may not be a problem. The M109 walks all over it in performance stakes.

    But they are a big heavy bike!.
  5. thanks peter,the more recent models seem to have more power and uprated bits, and better tank range.The reviews talk of big power, and i prefer low down torque to a screaming 600,but,after the gsx1400 and similar, im scared of being dissappointed. i dont mind the weight. cheers, wag...p.s the m109 looks fantastic
  6. Having owned a GSX1400 in the past, and now currently with a Triumph Speedmaster in the garage, I'd suggest trying out a cruiser (any cruiser) to see if you get along with the handling & seating position.

    The GSX14 has its weight fairly high up compared to a cruiser. It also has more ground clearance. Most cruisers I've tried have very lazy turning and limited rear suspension travel. High speed cruising may not be as comfortable for you if you're used more 'standard' motorcycles.

    Having said that, I really enjoy riding a cruiser when I'm in the right frame of mind - it's a different zone compared to fanging a Japanese 4.

    Maybe think about looking at the MT-01 if you want the feel of a cruiser engine but the seating position and handling of a standard bike. They've been discounting them to buggery here in Australia.
  7. I can tell you this much; OlFox put somewhere in the range of 100,000km on his Warrior in the space of the first year. I didn't hear him complaining about it, and it still looked pretty after all those miles. Not a bad bike to own if you don't like your missus much. :)
  8. Don't know about the 1700 but I put 30000kms on the clock on my 2007 XV1600 over the past 6 months and having been loving every second of it!!! :LOL: