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GSX1400 comments please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vossy53, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Hi members.. I'm looking for a K6 K7 GSX1400 and I would love your comments concerning this bike. At present I ride a upgraded GSX750F which goes great but I need to work it hard with my wife is on the back. I'm thinking that this new beast would suit my tall frame and when 2 up, will be more gentler on the wife and her neck! O'h and yes I will try one for a week as a friend is kind enough to swap me his 1400.... your comments will be appreciated.

  2. I absolutely loved mine and still find myself yearning to be on one, the effortlessness of the motor, the simplicity of it's appearance and the classic UJM form all contributed to it being love at first ride. My advice is that if you do decide to get one, hold onto it because their owners don't part with them too often.
  3. only the ones that dont know what they're giving up J3st3r, eh??...:rolleyes:

    They are a brilliant bike 'Vossy'.... damn good at everything within reason, touring, scratching, tootling along, or giving sportsbikes a hurry-up:woot:

    a 14 is not a cornering scalpel like a blade or an R1 but it loves the corners and with the fabulous torque you can just tear them up while the sporties are paddling up and down the box.........it is a lovely big comfy tourer, a real mile-eater, humming along without wringin' its tits off but...........it is a naked so you wont get quite the protection of a faired tourer.

    At 250kg its not a light bike but most of the weight is carried well and virtually disappears once on the move, seating is probably as comfy as you'll get out there at the moment (unless you go electraglide.... ha,ha) and there's plenty of tie-down points for luggage plus the availability of topboxes, panniers or tank covers/bags for whatever 'floats your boat'

    Servicing is simple, the engines are bulletproof, and I've never heard of any problems with them since the K2 model other than one recall for an immobiliser malfunction.
    A 21l tank will see you get good mileage (depending on your right wrist) and as I said it'll hum along at $1.30 odd while hardly pulling 4000 revs

    Things to do....... get rid of the gawd-awful original can if its still got the original,........ look to get a radiator screen asap,(they're expensive to replace:-s .........
    ..you can also consider 'power mods' such as Yoshi or Akra systems, PC111's + Dyno, Cams and Ignition advancers
    Anything else, give me a yell, or go have a look on WWW.GSX1400.org
    for all the 14 info in the world(y)

    Cheers R.

    P.S. there's a couple on Bikepoint at the moment worth a look
  4. Or aren't given any choice ](*,)
  5. Two words. Speed Triple (not street)
  6. He said something for the MRS to be on the back off.

    GSX1400 is the best bike I have owned as far as 2 up riding goes, and I have had a speed triple.

    My GF and I did a 2 week trip, and no sore arse from that, which is a true testament (7-9 hour a day on the bike).

    Plenty of fast riders on them too, but they do have their limits, but it is so much fun to drag the pegs. Quite good at one wheel shenanigans too, for me its usually up in 1st, then ride it through 2nd and by then its normally time for a corner.

    My guess is once you ride it for a week you will be getting the money asap and making it yours.
  7. He also said that he was tall. The speed triples don't look that roomy.

    If it is a straight swap that seems pretty good for a GSXF, though I always would be wary of dealing with friends with bikes.
  8. Have a look at a Blackbird, Its got every thing a Kwaka has and a bigger fuel tank, The power is smoother, and the G/F dosent have a sore bum after a 700 kay ride,
  9. Psssst, the GSX 14 is a Suzuki but you knew that and were just testing us ;)
  10. because it is based on the old 1100/750 motor it's a lot smaller than the 1400 label would suggest. Not a small bike, but a lot more so than it's competitors.
  11. A GSX1400 is my dream bike, I hope to own one at some stage. Pity they don't still make them.
  12. I have had mine for nearly 6 years and I still love it. I have not found another bike that ticks as many boxes so I wont be getting rid of mine any time soon.
  13. Thread resurrection !!!!!

    Bought one, pick it up Thursday ! :D
  14. Congratulations, one of my fav bikes....

  15. Congrats - welcome to the club.
  16. congrats on the purchase, did look at gsx when was contemplating which bike to 'come back' on after my stack last year, took up the little version my hornet900, will hopefully go the gsx next bike round.
  17. Patience, young Jedi.