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GSX1400....a brutish musclebike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rogues, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. I thought I’d give you a bit of a review on the GSX1400 from an owners point of view after having it for a short time.
    When I first looked to purchase a bike I had some criteria, (a) that it had to have sufficient grunt to take 2 adults plus baggage and pull all day, (b) that it needed to be ‘pillion friendly’, in that it had comfortable seating for two weary old butts…….and (c) that it was a comfortable ride for both. I didn’t want to be cramped into a fetal position all day and I didn’t want a novice pillion sitting up on some ‘handkerchief’ rear seat like a shag on a rock.
    Looked at several bikes, FJR1300, Honda Blackbird and Triumph Sprint….you can see which way I was leaning…….the trumpie was it until I found the 14.
    Retro styling in keeping maybe with my age, I loved the look of the big bike, just looking at it you can see its all ‘grunt’ with its inline 4 powerplant all shiny in black and chrome.
    Weighing in at around 215kgs the bike is not light while stationary ( most big bikes aren’t) but as soon as you are moving that feeling of weight is gone and if anything it feels a little more secure having that big footprint so to speak.
    Seating is excellent for both with a wide plush seat that is comfortable for the long ride. Because of the width of seat and bike, some riders with ‘ducks disease’ may find the bike a bit ungainly because of the height.
    A bonus with the seat is underseat storage, ( a downside with most bikes) I think there is a quoted 11 litres of storage available under there so that’s where you stash wet weather gear, puncture kit etc along with the supplied tool kit.
    Starting is a joy with the big fuel injected four and running around town or down the street is a pleasure as its well behaved and docile when you want it. Tap the trigger on this brute and we have instant fun, while on the move gear changes are not necessary if you are lazy, the beast will easily pull away from revs as low as 1600rpm in most situations and by the time you’ve hit 4000,…’.well no officer I didn’t know’
    Handling is never going to be up to sportsbike standards but it is still no slouch, a little slower to tip into corners and changing direction on a dime but still easily produces screams from the pillion in the twisties.
    If you want a big bike with presence, extremely well mannered but ready to play hard ball whenever you want, if you want a bike that brakes well, handles twisties quite well thank you and has enough grunt to pull your arms out of their sockets on the way out of corners then you are going to love this brute of a bike.

  2. Good write up and love big bore retro nakeds :cool:

    So any pics?
  3. [​IMG]
    Phenomonal torque starts here... :p

    Made for ripping up corners...

    Just the forest, the road, and a 14
  4. Great write up ! thx
    please keep the pics coming ( ie side profile etc )
    There is nothing better than a good-lookin naked woman .. er I mean bike :p
  5. Definetly a tuff looking bike with attitude. Enjoy.

    Nice radiator cover.
  6. Great write-up. You should swap notes with Sir Skuffy; his is less a big tourer as big racer!!

    PS, where's the road? I though it was the Black Spur, but then I noticed your NSW plates. Oxley???
  7. Looks like it could be on the highway on the way to Bateman's Bay, in the forest before Nelligen.
  8. I'll give ya 2 more guesses then scroll down for the answer

    Nice curves

    Do you like them tight sir...?

    You win the prize Hornet600, the Oxley it is.....Bikers Nirvana. :p
  9. Ginger's Creek indeed. The only time I've had the privelege of riding the Oxley, it was raining and as cold as a mother-in-law's kiss :(.
  10. Looks a great road. I knew it wasn't the spur .. its too tidy :p
  11. The stealthfighter in side on profile
  12. i used to live in port macquarie and do laps of the oxley hwy every weekend on my gsx1400. it is possible to completely wear off your footpegs on a warm dry day once you get to know it, as the ground clearance on the gsx14 isn't as great as, say, a vfr.

    may i suggest 3 upgrades for it:
    - windscreen (national cycles f15 suits it well)
    - suspension upgrade
    - engine bars / crash knobs

    enjoy your new steed. personally i found it a very heavy bike, but believe that tighter suspension would help reduce the wallow. perhaps try winding up the preload on both ends to the max.