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  1. would this be a good first bike if I am responsible?
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  2. What year is she?
  3. Responsible for..........????
    Mayhem? World Peace?
  4. I had a 2000 busa - I loved it. so fast and sexy. wish I still had it.

    thanks for posting the pics YahooooeyYahooooey would you tell us a little bit about yours? I bet those Yoshis make it sound like a jetfighter taking off. :cool:
  5. Always been solidly on my list of fantasy bikes. I don't care that it's not the outright fastest thing out there any more - it's a 'Busa!!!
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  6. Going by the color scheme its a 2008.
  7. Hi, sorry I was late on detail. Yes it's a 08, Yoshi make sure drivers know you are there, also makes the shed and house shake when you fire it up in the morning, I drive it like a pussy cat so as not to wake the neighbours ( I leave at 6.30am) but they all seem to know when I leave, well that is what they tell me anyway.. It isn't a high pitch bark either more like a deep grown. This is my second Busa, I had an 04, I upgraded after I binned it, to this one, I liked it so much. It is very refined, and at a 160 kmh, it feels like you are only doing 60, as it is so balanced and smooth. In the wet the mode button is good, it reduce HP from 190 to 120, making it feel like a 600 so you don't throw it down the road. You get around most places using just two gears, first and six, or as I call it 'Fast' and 'Go faster'.
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