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GSX1300R engine - How heavy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. This is a rather odd question I know but how heavy is the engine out of an Eyeabuser?

  2. you makin a go kart? would go like hell let loose, only need fist gear.. I'll be the test dummy if your offerin..
  3. I don't know the weight but I suspect it's the old gsxr1100 water cooled engine., bored out.

    The gixxer weighed about 210 kg in it's lightes water cooled form.

    Heavy if you are comparing it with a modern 1000. but then again it has 30% more capacity and it's not 30% heavier.
  4. Guesstimated about 70kg plus, dry, no fluids, most accessory-bits removed (starter motor etc)
  5. Cheers. Glitch, that's what I needed to know.

    Oh and not_sane, nah not making a kart. Did think about it with a mates ZX-12R engine but figured it would just be FAR to dangerous for our fairly amateur welding skills.
  6. Actually, if you look on the net, which I'm sure lotsa people already have, you'll find that there are heaps of people, mainly in England, building special CARS with 'Busa motors, some of them look pretty trick too.
  7. Yeah, my ex boss has a Westfield Megabusa (one of the few that are roadworthy as well).

    0-100 in 3.1 seconds. Not bad for a car that cost him $50,000
  8. Dump the busa engine into a clubman :wink:

    Went for a spin in a 400kg clubman with a busa enging and gearbox around the Hockenheim Ring. :D
    Ride of my life :D
    Fair engough, the GT2's outgrunted it on the straights (not my much) but this thing was overtaking EVERYTHING (GT2's, Murcialagos, 360's, 575's) around the corners!!!! :eek:
    Cornering and braking were amazing. :LOL:

    Did someone say bolton GSX1300R turbo? :D
    A better power to weight ratio than a F1....... :shock:
  9. A guy at work is trying to fit a busa engine into a.... MIGHTYBOY!!!
  10. wot, mount it in the tray? bhhahahhahahaaaa
    First time he puts the foot down, that Mightboy will fit into a shopping bag (without the engine) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. It'll be more than a mighty BOY that's for sure.
  12. My ex boss is looking into that at the moment.

    440 kg clubman with probably ~300 - 450 HP (depending how stupid he goes) at the rear wheels = FUN.

    Problem will be getting that power to the ground and stopping the thing wanting to do a Webber on the straights.
  13. Service manual for my blackbird says a dry engine weight of 83kgs.

    To this you need to add accessories (eg battery, regulator wiring harness etc), fluids and RADIATOR+plumbing!!!!
  14. You know, it's not like this sort of information is kept in a triple-locked safe down a mineshaft in the mountains out the back of Hamamatsu...

    ...the Hayabusa engine is based on the WT-GSX-R750 unit; right-side camchain, forward-slant cylinders, straight inlet ports, generator on the end of the crank, etc... the only component it_might_have in common with the GSX-R11 would be the oil filter, and even that's doubtful...

    Stripped down to a rolling chassis and engine, maybe. The W's were quoted at something like 223kg dry, and felt every gramme of it.
  15. There are a couple of those clubmans getting around with TWO Busa engines in them -in England I think. Now thats starting to get serious :D
  16. Have any of you ever built a sandrail or something similar? that would kick ass.
  17. Screw putting the engine in a car, make a racing outfit. I'll even volunteer to be the sidecar-hanger-offer-guy (gotta love me concise verbage).
  18. Your being a hermit biatch and never dropping by IRC anymore, for one... *thwap*

    Also the painful amounts of disinformation floating about.

    (cue sound of shotgun slide being cycled)
    We'll see about that...