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Gsx1100 brake mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Kell, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, new to here so don't know if anyone can help. I have a 1980 gsx1100 that I recently done back to bare frame rebuild on. Very happy with it but brakes are terrible. Don't want to make big mods but does anyone know of a four pot caliper that bolts on relatively easily. Don't have much cash for expensive aftermarket berm is or like.
    I'm hoping someone has already done this and can point me in right direction.

  2. I don't like your chances, but one of the good things about Suzuki is many parts interchange across years and models.

    I'd be looking towards the early gsxr750/1100 range. They are not top of the line, but they are better than early 80s brakes.

    If you are not lucky, then you will need to have adapter plates made. The cutting and drilling isn't the end of the world, but you may have to maching for thickness and that adds cost and complexity.

    Another place to look may be the Yamaha 4 pots that found their way on to R1/6 before they went radial. These are unlikely to bolt straight on, but are quite compact calipers and thus may lend themselves to neeter mounting with an adapter plate.
  3. Thanks iblast
    I'll start there.
    When buying pads I asked for best stopping material available, at expenses of wear. Sold me metal sintered pads. Not sure of brand now. Are these the best. Don't care how long they last as I don't use bike for commuting
  4. What did you do to the brakes during the rebuild? Did you recondition the callipers and masters,new hoses etc?
  5. Rebuilt everything. Calipers. Master cylinders. Already had braided lines
    Just hasn't got much stopping power
  6. Doing the same on an 83 1100esd. The word on the pommie forums is kawasaki zx2r or similar twin spots on home made brackets. Air cooled gsxr 750/1100 front ends are supposed to be an easy fit as well.