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GSX1000R Power commander maps

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Toxic_Dust, May 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Again

    I have bought a K6 2006 GSX1000R .

    It has a lot of mods on it and came with a Power commander.

    I need a few maps that will reduce the petrol guzzling of my GSXR bur cant get one thats efficient enought for me.

    Dont get me wrong. The power output is amazingly good. its just i cant live with the 14km/l that im currently getting. Then i could just as well drive my car :p

    Any suggestions where i could get maps?
  2. Thats about what I get and I can do a lot worse! You have a lot more ponies than me. Dont forget you have a very hi performance engine there.
    Maybe its all in the right wrist?

    EDIT: Good to see you didnt go the Kwaka :grin:
  3. But isn't 14 km per litre = 7.14 litres per 100kms? I thought this would be quite good for a GSX-R?
  4. on the end of your right arm, is your hand.
    this is your primary fuel consumption control device.
    twist it around a little less and you will be very surprised at what you can achieve.

    that, or go up a tooth on the front :)
  5. Your probably not going to get 'much' better fuel economy... something to try:

    1/ Remove Power Commander
    2/ Sell Power Commander
    3/ Use proceeds of sale to get the bike dyno tuned with the stock ecu (suzuki ECU is reprogrammable - eg TEKA etc).

    I get 6l/100km on 98 octane fuel, 170hp on the dyno YMMV. Fuel consumption doesn't vary much between gentle cruising and 'balls to the walls'.
  6. 170hp @ wheel??
  7. This I gotta see. You do ride over 2,000 RPM dont you?

    Funny Sh!t

    I have to say when i rode yesterday i got 15.2km/l and all i did was drive under 200km/h the whole trip

    I spoke to the dealer i bought the bike from and he says the bike was owned by a Subaru CEO in SA. and the power commander was set customly by his shop engineers ??? makes you wonder if you really want to change it.

    I can see on the settings its set on high rpm. So i suspect it only REALLY kicks in at around 8k/rpm.

    I'll take it for a Dyno though just to see what i get a bit later on but all i have to say is with my heavy weight lying on the tank opening it full in 1st the front weel is playing hop scotch on the road. I weigh 112kg.

    Does anyone want to the map? cause i'll download it if you want and post it here so you could test it? BTW i have a full Hindle exhaust system ...
  9. Not that I have used a powercommander, however I think you have misread the "settings" on it. The low med and high leds are there for you to manually adjust fuelling on each of these arbitrary rev ranges. If the high led is lit then your currently adjusting the high rpm fuelling etc. The unit will still operate in other rev ranges. These settings are applied over the map that has been loaded into the unit which is basically a list of fuelling points every 250rpm. If your map was just downloaded then it is unlikely to be optimal for your specific bike - for this you need a dyno tune (and either setting of the PC unit by someone who knows them, or removal and tuning of the stock ECU).

    2wheelsagain: Nope, of the 13,000 RPM on tap I have elected to keep 11,000 of them in reserve for resale purposes. After all, why else buy a 1L sports bike :wink: Probably more to do with modern 4cyl fuel injected engine efficiency than anything else.

    joelridescbr: Search on the net, plenty of these bikes with more power and pretty dyno graphs to look at - print out of mine is somewhere in a box as I'm part way through moving house.
  10. Andrew /clap /cheer

    I get what your saying and its all true. I think i just didnt think before i wrote there.

    BTW my GSX1000R is the same as yours. Also K6 Black/Black :p

    What i was talking about is that at 8k RPM its asif the bike gets a second breath of air to pull even harder that the 1st 8k revs. It might just be me or it might be normal but i havent ever felt a bike with that much power at that high revs.

    What i was implying with the PC thats installed is that i think the PC isnt really set on low revs but set on high revs instead.

    EG the low revs are normally tuned but from 8k RPM massivly overclocked if you get what im saying

    Hope this clarifies it a bit.

    I'll download the map in this week and i'll upload it if anyone would be interested to test it and compare it to others. It should work on yours Andrew.
  11. Can I ask if you have riden many other jap litre bikes before? Seems to me that most of them tend to start hauling arse at around 8k. I know mine feels like it gets a second wind at about those revs.
  12. Toxic_Dust: I dont have a powercommander, so I couldnt use your map even if I wanted to. I am very happy with my retuned ECU - I dont have an 8k rpm power band, the gsxr is very smooth on power. Dyno chart shows almost linear increase in power to somewhere near 12k rpm before it starts to tail off to red line. From my recollection, most of the charts for the k5/k6 engined gsxr's out there look pretty similar - no real power band just a continuous linear progression. Certainly not the same as some other bikes - try out a zx10r and its a whole different ball game.

    Your powercommander map is providing a set of 'fuelling' points that tell the bike how much petrol to pump in at a given rev point - this will likely be accross the entire rev range (note I have heard some of these bits of kit have a minimum rev point where they will overrule the ECU to maintain idle). Why change from stock? Once you start changing things (eg a better breathing exhaust) you alter some of operating conditions of the engine. Classic for these bikes is removing the stock exhaust valve (for example adding a slip-on or full system) leaving a "hole" around 5krpm. This is normally tuned out by a dyno tune of the stock ECU or addition of a powercommander type unit (both will result in the same outcome). Perhaps if you are experiencing a rush of power on the dark side of this point your map is not ideal for the current mods on your bike?
    Another option is that someone has manually adjusted the fuelling and leaned out the lower rpm's (for fuel efficiency per PC doco?) compared to the higher rpm via the buttons on the unit...

    Anyway, have fun with it - they are a ballistic missle off the shelf so never really needed more power to begin with :wink:
  13. Nice.

    I think i'll take it for a dyno sometime and if you still have your charts we could compare. Im very curious as to how much the PC makes a difference if at all ?

    BTW i updated my pictures so have a look and say what you think.
    I'll just upload all the picks of my mods ... no need to name then all
  14. Very nice toxic. Love dark bikes and IMHO its much better than that green thing you were thinking about :p
  15. LOL ... thanks

    I feel better riding the Suzuki in any ways.

    You sit a bit different from the Kawa but as soon as you get used to it it rides like a dream. Im really happy with the Suzuki.

    I just wish i could upload all the 10 pics of my mods.