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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. i heard through a mate of a mate that apparantly in a year or so they are bringing out a gsx-r800.
    just had a quick look on the suzuki site but could not see anything, anyone know any more bout this.

    or is my mates mate full of it?

  2. Well, the big 4 usually release a bike that closely resemble the current motoGP classes. This year was the first of the 800cc racers, So it wouldnt supprise me to see some 800cc bikes come out.
  3. I agree, it wouldnt be hard to turn the GSXR750 into an 800 race replica.

    Would make sence and the GSVR this year is going pretty well so they may be thinking of releasing a bike similar to the rossi (R46) R6 to celebrate the new found success (of soughts) :idea:

  4. so if the 800 comes out do u reakon the 600 or 750 will lose a bit of value. well maybe not the 600, but i could understand if the 750 were to lose value.
  5. I've read a few speculations on 800cc road bikes from the big sports bike makers and the rumours are mainly based on 2 things. 1) the obvious MotoGP connection with 800s and 2) where Ducati decides to go with the sucessor to the 749, which is rumoured to be around 800.

    So stuff like a Ducati 800, GSXR800, R8, ZX-8R, CBR800RR, etc.
  6. Increasing displacement would also make sense given that tightening emissions regs in Europe mean that it's going to be difficult for manufacturers to improve upon, or even maintain, current power outputs from 750cc. Be sort of a shame to see the end of the GSXR750 though - after all it's basically where the GSXR series originated from.
  7. I imagine that a GSXR800 incorporating even some of the tricks learned in MotoGP would be knocking on the door of the GSXR1000 as far as power output is concerned. And it'd be lighter.

    Yeesh! Where do I sign?

    I agree with jd that it'd be sort of a shame to see the 750 go. I remember my first ride on the first model GSXR750 - was it the "F" model? The first bike that was light and quick enough to make me believe that I could get to like road bikes, after growing up on 2 stroke dirt racers and seeing every road bike as a porky old slug up until the GSXR. What a bike.

    But 750...800...900...rules are made for breaking. I'll be happy as long as the power keeps climbing and the weight keeps dropping. I'm off now to save more money for tyres....

  8. I would say the GSXr750 probably wouldnt lose its place. Most the motoGP bikes are V-4 engines, which have slightly different characteristics then the I4 of the past. IIRC the RC212V is more closely resembling 2 Vtwins then a proper V4 engine(sharing pins on the crank). This gives the engine a more torquey nature then a proper V4 or a I4. I think this will slowly usher in a range of V4 street bikes rather then replace and older range of I4.

    Would be a shame to see the GSXr750 go however. Bring in the GSVR800.

    On the note of V4 engines, i still reckon it would kick proverbial ass to see a 250 V4 fully faired monster.
  9. I think it would be great to see some 800cc bikes from all the big manufacturers. I do have a soft spot for the GSX-R750, would be interesting to see if a GSX-R800 successor would have the same personality.

    Does anyone know how the GSX-R750 sells compared to the 600 and 1000? Would it be worth the other manufacturers outlaying the dollars to challenge Suzuki with new 800cc machines? :?
  10. according to red book the 07 models for each one are below

    1000 - 18690
    750 - 12000-14000
    600 - 10700-12700
  11. Thanks enzise but I was referring to amount of bikes sold (750 V 600 V 1000), sorry I should have been clearer. :wink:
  12. Thanks Triway, thats exactly what I was looking for. Seems like sales of the 750 are on par with the gixxer 600, maybe its a market they should all be looking at more carefully..... the more choice the better!
  13. If the 800s do come along, the only connection with the GP bikes will be that they're both 800cc, that's all. Though all the marketers will wank on trying to some very tenuous at best connections between them.
  14. I disagree, 2nd class.

    Although I'm aware that 97.85% (university tested) of what the manufacturers would put into marketing would be bollocks, there'd be some good stuff filtering through.

    I'm very disappointed at your attitude towards marketing people, by the way. I've been a marketing professional for more than 20 years, and the people I work with are all honest, hard-working, scrupulous and built on unquestionable integrity.

    Wanna buy a watch....?

  15. Yeah it's not like bike manufacturers would ever over-represent their products *cough cough* R6 Redline *cough* ;).
  16. Nah.

    They'd have a marketing person do it for them! Marketing people tell lies much more creatively. I wonder if there are any jobs going in politics at the moment?


  17. marketing.. gets me thinking. When I first got into bikes the appeal was they use MUCH less fuel than cars. at 600cc and 160kg I thought I'd agree. But how the heck do they use 6.5L/100kms, and often 7L when riding harder, when my car (1600cc) uses 8L/100km in heavy traffic?

    Back on the subject... I think the release of a V4 800 would kill the gix750, as they wouldn't want to engineer/market 2 bikes for one type of customer. I think that if they just got rid of the 750 now, suzuki would still keep the customers who would just go to a 1000 or 600. The fact that they have to engineer another bike to have an advantage in this sector is interesting. I haven't ridden it but the 750 is one of those bikes that I'd love to have a go on. I very much doubt we will see a V4 800, won't it just mean less power and more tyre wear? I4 1000cc superbikes have enough power for the road now, maybe they could explore V4.

    As for the V4 250cc, the engine block would weigh more, the exhaust system far more complex, and servicing the bike would be a pain (sparkplugs etc). so worth it? With the arrival of the cbr250r, I'd like to see a new version of the cbr250. Fuel injected with 30kg less would be a great little bike.
  18. Hondas already more or less got one - the 250 Hornet is still in production in Japan (using a fuel-injected, four-cylinder 250). Unlikely we'd ever see something like that though - given how much they charge for a VTR a CBR250 would probably end up priced well over the 10k mark (unless they get it made cheap outside of Japan).
  19. It would be complete bollocks imho.
    MotoGP is a prototype class, the bikes must be one offs. The second they go into production they become Superbikes. Hence why Ducati put off the Desmosedici sale until after the end of 1000cc capacity racing.

    Currently there is no class for 800cc bikes and WSBK haven't made any announcement for a change of classes. Manufacturers follow WSBK rules as that's what sells sport bikes. Why on earth would they build a sport bike which can't be raced?