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GSX-R750 K8 Orange/Matt Black

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lukestuart1, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    I move off my P's next Monday (August 6th) so i have been looking for my next bike for a month or so now.

    I currently have a 2005 GS500F and this has been an absolutely amazing bike to learn on.

    Anyway, was looking at either a Daytona 675 or a GSX-R750 and grabbed a GSX-R yesterday.

    Its a 2008 in Orange/Matt Black.
    I spent the whole day today washing/polishing and waxing it and it looks amazing.

    It will be in the garage for the next week till i can get my blacks but am pretty keen to be able to jump on.

    Pretty stock apart from the Ventura rack, Oggy's and the Yoshi R55 slip on.
    Hoping to grab a fender eliminator pretty soon as the rear is a bit messy without one.

    Anyway, here are some pics,
    Hope you enjoy it as much as me



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  2. Oh yes
    That is a nice colour scheme
  3. Sexy, cept for bag rack thing
  4. Nice mate... like the Orange 'n Black ;)
  5. Yeah, the orange and black is the winner theme for me.
  6. Damn I love that colour scheme! If I rated fully faired stuff for the road thats what I'd be on, or a 675.

    Do it a favour and remove that rack though ;)
  7. looks wicked man, I love the orange.
  8. Cheers guys.

    Im thinking of removing the rack, rear pegs and adding a fender eliminator, ill repost some pics when i have
  9. Gorgeous bike brother, love the colours!
  10. wise choice on colour my friend very nice! any plans on mods?
  11. Well it has the R55 slip on it which sounds nice.

    The only other thing that im thinking of for the moment is a Fender Eliminator, K&N, and maybe removing the rear pegs and ventura rack
  12. Def remove the pegs if u have the r55, unless of course u will have a pillion
  13. THIS...asap ;)
  14. ^ +1

    Really nice colour scheme ! Looks amazing in the sunlight.
  15. purdy...... tinted windscreen? for moar mods.....