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GSX-R600 K7 Rectifier Issue

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mogley, May 21, 2013.

  1. I'm keen to pick up a k7 R600 which I have fallen in love with but am a bit bothered by the well known issue with the rectifier blowing which is concerning given this could be quite dangerous on the road.

    Should i be worried? I have read the stock rectifier can be replaced with an aftermarket part and possibly moved to a better part of the bike but wondering if all this is worth it or whether I just go for a CBR600RR which I was set on before I rode the GSXR.

  2. Rectifier is an easy fix and 10 to 1 its already been replaced. Go for the bike you love and feels right.
  3. Its not that dangerous on the road, apart from a possible stranding. Get the bike, then get an aftermarket mosfet one, e.g. the yamaha r6/r1 unit. Roadstercycle and eastern beaver both do kits. RC’s kit includes the RR, heavy gauge wiring, maxifuse, plugs etc. And costs half of the OEM replacement shunt type RR.
    Also check the recall on the RR for that model, I think Suzuki owned up in mid-late 2011 for that particular model.
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  4. Awesome advice guys, thanks.
  5. Worst will happen is your bike will stop.

    Regulator/rectifier just provides charge for your battery, so if it goes bad (Daytona 675 recalled all there's after like 7 years of failures of the crappy Shunting units) then bike will run off battery only until battery fails.

    So as above, you will be stranded. I replaced my Daytona 675 one with a MOSFET one. Simple replace plug and play. Look at the above links for kits, or there maybe people on forums who have a direct replacement.