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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Aussie_mate, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. anile8r submitted a new showcase item:


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  2. Looks awesome! (y)
  3. Cheers mate :]
  4. I hear there the best year model they made, nearly got one myself but ended up with a z1000, go hard mate
  5. yeah I've heard that too mate, I haven't ridden any of the later models.. but I've been out for quite a few rides since picking her up and she blows me away every time! Often find myself riding along with a big smile on my face :) Don't think I'll ever get over the amount of power she has on tap ;)
  6. Bald Hill Lookout.
    Took her for a ride through the RNP for the first time on Sunday, what an awesome piece of road and the weather couldn't have been any better :happy: What a way to spend a sunday morning!
  7. Nice mate. Lovely example of an awesome bike.
    I've always wanted a k5/6.
  8. Cheers mate, the guy who owned it before me kept her immaculate! I was looking to just get a K1-4 but when I stumbled upon this little gem I couldn't go past her! Blew the budget, but hey, she's well worth the few nights spent in the doghouse! :happy:
  9. definitely the best gsxr 1000 built! I know because I have one too!

    the blue white is the cleanest looking colour scheme on them aswell IMHO, all the other colours look too out there!

    keep it upright and have fun
  10. Cheers Al, totally agree with you mate def the best gixxer ever ;) I've always wanted one of the blue/white versions, I really liked the white wheel combo on the earlier models but the blacks have grown on me with this model, I think the blue stripes have helped out in converting me :)