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GSX-R 600 K4 with a bubble screen - after pics

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mycal666, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I need to get a new screen for my bike, have been trying to find some decent pics of my model with either a tinted screen, a bubble screen or both.

    I was hoping someone here may have some better ones than I was able to find on the net. My bike is the blue and white model. Thanks.

  2. Hey dude...Ive got a tinted double bubble on 750 they fit the same. Got it off ebay its top quality. $70 to my door. I'm not a bubble fan really I prefer the slick look, so I bought another screen off ebay it was a thin pos, that wasn't dark enough so thats sitting at home.
    Ive also got a power bronze screen, double bubble, its a nice shape, its iridium silver tho which in my eyes looks gay lol. It has some small marks on it, because it had a rev light on it, also gay...lol
    If your intersted id sell it cheap.
    I think they're 160+ new...I don't want anything close to that. due to the small blemishes...(hardly noticeable.)

    the powerbronze..
    current one..
  3. This is the one i have and really keeps the wind off. Was on the bike when i bought it so dont know what brand it is but i like it.