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GSX-R 600 - Common known issues to look out for?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by btm, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I'm looking to buy a GSXR600 (around 97 - 01 mobels)

    Any common known issues I should look out for?

    Any help is appreciated

  2. you should introduce yourself and get to Know the community here. asking advice on your first post is a little rude.

    In any case check the service history and do a compression test this would give you the best indication of condition. maybe pay to get a mechanic to do this for you.

    I dont now of any specific problems with these bikes maybe someone else can help
  3. hi, sorry, yes you're right :oops:

    so i'll start again... hi all, i'm new to the forum!

    i'm from sydney's southern burbs and i'm just about to get off my Ps in a few weeks and am looking to buy a gixxer

    i've checked out a couple so far and cosmetically they look great, but not sure what the insides are like
  4. find the bike you like

    check ks & wear on consumables tyres brakes chain sprockets ect.

    does it have a service history?

    do a revs check is it a repaired write off, stolen or money owing.

    look for damage from drops scratched engine covers, repaired fairings ect.

    if all is good get a mechanic to check it out for you or even better someone you know who knows bikes.

    if they refuse to let a qualified mechanic near it then stear clear.
  5. cheers, thanks for the pointers!
  6. Look for lockwired sump plugs, that'll tell you if it's been raced.
  7. thanks for the info, but i'm a bit new to all of this and not sure what you mean... mechanics is not my forte!
  8. If the sump plug has a wire running through it then its been raced.
  9. The % of people who race bikes makes that test seem not as worrying to me, only about what, half a percent of riders ever get to the track or something? Let alone race. Besides, having ridden two ex racebikes (modernish ones), you can seriously feel the abusive past its had just from riding it ;)

    Normal checking stuff, take it to mechanic to get a full rundown if you're not overly bike savvy.
  10. They have been known to wear the valve retainers to the point of dropping valves ie instant destruction.
  11. with one bike that i'm looking at, the key lock/ignition barrel is a little sticky and often gets a stuck when switching from ‘lock’ to ‘on’ and required a fiddle to get it to 'on'.

    Could this be a major issue? or something perhaps a little squirt of WD40 could fix?

    And there seems to be a little bit of throttle lag when taking off in first gear... not sure what this could be?