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GSX-R 1000 k9, L0, L1 Factory recall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. I gotta letter from Suzuki yesterday, there has been a recall on all '09 to '11 gixxer thousands. (maybe 600's and 750's aswell??)

    Something about a footpeg?? Cant remember- but I thought I'd post this in case you own a Gixxer thou, and didn't buy it new- or have moved since you bought it- Contact your Suzuki dealer. ASAP to book it in for whatever modifications need to be made.

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  3. You, my dear sir, are an idiot.

    A few isolated frames cracked on a 2005 Suzuki, and now ALL of them are rubbish?
    Suzuki voluntarily issued a bulletin to ensure customer satisfaction with their product. There is no defect with the design of the product or the frame of the 2005/06 gsx-r.
    So are all Yamahas rubbish aswell?HERE and HERE
    Even Honda sre crap going by your theory. HERE and HERE
    Even the Mighty BMW1000rr is rubbish then?? HERE

    Anyways.. if you have an AWSOME GSX-R 1000 go to your Suzuki shop.
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  4. My Suzuki also cracked its subframe (not GSXR) so it is from personal experience.

    Multiple recalls is a sign of something wrong.

    You don't need to get defensive. I own one, it is okay to admit that they are rubbish.
  5. welcome to the internet friend
  6. And yet I've owned 4 Suzuki's (GN250, GR650, GSX600F and GSF1200S) and other than 'age' or 'user error' never had a problem with them.
  7. Oh, and thanks sbk for posting it up.....
  8. Good post, you even took the time to provide links. Unfortunately, you are wasting your time.
  9. Last recall for those model suzukis mentioned in the OP was for side stand bolts (recall issued 28/5). However this information is from the recall website, companies can send out letters prior to it appearing there (I think, correct me if I'm wrong).

  10. I just rang a Suzuki dealer and spoke to the workshop supervisor. He said the recall relates to the side stand and switch bolts on the Gixxer 1000 only.

    No recalls have been issued for the 600 or 750

    The sky is not falling.

    At ease men
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  11. Got lucky there.

    Why is this any different to people complaining about their Hyo falling apart, lots of people have no problems, doesn't mean that they are good bikes. Suzuki is cheap and built to a budget which is why I have bought them. I will probably make that mistake again.
  12. sbk was right, you're an idiot.
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  13. Can't defend your position so resort to name calling.

    Why don't you go back to the playground little boy.
  14. Nope, that's done it, I'm never buying a Suzuki [-(
  15. Suzuki had a recall of their frames in 2009, they have not fixed their practices and now have another recall in 2012, this puts riders lives at risk. This is not good enough
  16. oooh, someone on the internet insulted me.

    Mate, re read what you wrote, you came across as an idiot.

    You bagged a manufacturer, even went on to say (in a later post) they are putting peoples lives at risk, yet you also say you'd probably make the same mistake and buy another one. That sir, is idiotic.
  17. You got that wrong. Some people didn't have problems. Lots of people did, a whole myriad of them in fact with regular occurrences and patterns, and yet the whole time hyosung kept there hands over their ears, telling people they built the perfect motorcycle and any problem is the owners imagination.
  18. You were calling names prior to me saying that I would buy another.

    I really have no choice but to buy Suzuki again because as sbk pointed out they all (all brands) put riders at risk. Just because they all do it don't make it right. You get better qualify in cars I think than bikes.

    edit: maybe I was harsh I am just pissed off with my Dr650 braking the subframe and Suzuki not honouring warranty.
  19. How do you know that is not true for Suzuki as well.

  20. Momma always taught me..

    Never argue with an idiot, you wont make them any smarter, and they have been perfecting the art for years. ](*,)