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GSX 250 Cafe Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Jafu, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. A couple of months ago I purchased this little GSX from a mate.
    I had already be started down the cafe racer route so I will continue with my own ideas being put in place.
    The idea is to ride it around in the good months and do a complete strip down during the winter months. This will include engine overhaul, painting of the fuel tank and de-tagging of the frame. So hopefully by next summer it will be a new looking machine. Cafe Racer-0001.

  2. So far the little bike has had a major overhaul of its electrics, mainly tucking things out of sight, re painting a bright yellow battery.
    I have replace the broken tacho cable, and the tacho instrument itself. It now matches the new speedo I installed, not because it was broken but it has telltale lights, good for old farts like me.

    I looked at many web pages till I found what I liked, but it was a combination of three different sets. Therefore cost prohibitive, being a pensioner and all.
    So off to the steel merchants for the material to make backing plates to move the pegs rearward, then to the aluminium place.
    I must admit I was a little worried what it would cost, but to my surprise I got a metre length of 6 x 40 mm flat for $11 and about 750 mm of 25 mm round stock for $7.
    I got a couple of bronze bushes for $16 20 x 26 x 12 flanged, things were looking good.
    Access to the lathe is easy, its my fathers so I have unlimited use.

    Now all I need is time and with it being the silly season, I find myself time poor.
  3. Nice one Jafu, I like the GSX the tank and the way the engine sits make's the bike look like a real classic. I have a soft spot for the GSX as I own one myself I am preparing to respray the bike into it's original colour scheme.
    Watching with great interest.:geek:
  4. The frame and engine on these older bikes was so simple and minimal looking. I was looking at a Suzuki TU250 and noticing it is the same. Simple round tube swing arm with a plate dropout for the axle, quite similar to a bicycle.
  5. With the silly season gone, I got into the workshop and turned up the pegs for the rear sets, Happy with the result to a certain extent, I think a deeper knurling would look better, but its only a hobby lathe. Machined up the parts for the shift and brake levers and fitted together, didn't like certain bits , so revamped and did them again. Much happier with the results.

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  6. Those rear sets you've made up look quite good. You wanna make up a set for my TU250? :D
  7. I was thinking exactly the same thing: I'll know where to go when I want rear-sets for my project. Could be a good little line of business, jafu!!!
  8. Jafu, let us know if you do!
  9. Looks good.
    Have you tried the brake?
    In the pic the angle looks wrong for the adjustable shaft to the actuating lever, (shaft to pedal angle look ok tho)
  10. Oh it has all been tried and tested, too much pressure and the back wheel locks. The brake was the easy side to adjust, the gear selector took a bit of fiddling to get right. Both work well now.

    In regards to making up more, well at this stage I'm not sure. Maybe down the road a bit, it is a possibility