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GSX 1400.....What's it like??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. can anyone give me some feedback about the GSX 1400??

    what is the fuel consumption like and what is it like in general to ride etc??? would it be too much to handel for someone about to upgrade to a big bike from a 2fidy???

  2. also what is the bike like compared to a liquid cooled bike does it suffer from power fade cuz it is air/oil cooled
  3. They're huge and heavy, I don't know why you'd want one. Go ride one. I'm sure you'll find the H9 is a better fit.
  4. No. It's basically the old gsxr1100 engine. Bullet proof.

    But as Loz points out they are a big, heavy bike. If you're a big guy, then mayby
  5. They are consistently one of the best selling naked bikes on the market in Australia... but to be honest I don't know why :)

    The SV1000, The Bandit 1250S/1200S and the Hornet 900 are all better bikes at similar prices IMHO.
  6. :WStupid:
  7. yeah you guys are right i had a sit on one at peter stevens after the horny 9 and it did feel like a lugg of a thing....anyway i though i would keep my options open but everytime i am drawen back to the horny one......all will be revieled tomorrow morn. when i go for my test ride :LOL: ..........i'll let you know how it went thnks guys.....
  8. I'd be certianly intersted in what you think of the hornet 900 after your test ride. Nice looking machines. I'm also leaning towards a bandit 1250S. I commute only a short 15 min ride to work each day and go for regular weekend blasts so was thinking a larger capacity naked/semi faired type job.
  9. I like them (haven't ridden one tho :oops: ). Although i guess the new bandit 1250 does make it pretty irrelevant.
  10. It's kind of like asking why would you want to drive a warmed over 351 GT Falcon when the modern 6 cylinder Falcon is quicker.

    The bandit is, however, at lot of bike for the money. If was commuting and doing regular weekend touring it would certainly be on my short list.
  11. They are alot of fun to ride.

    They are heavy and brutish, but that is the character that some people like about them. Theya re also a challenge to ride fast...... :cool:

    If you want a touring bike for long trips - great choice
    If you want a rice rocket to throw around the twisties - Hornet
    If you want to impress your mates on their rice rockets and pass them in the tight stuff - the 1400 :LOL:
  12. Better by what, power to weight?

    Yes the water cooled lighter, but nothing like a bit of retro grunt :cool:

    My favourite big bore naked is still the XJR, but plenty on-line love their GSX14's
  13. Better braking, better handling in tight corners, better handling in fast corners, better fuel consumption.

    The Bandit 1250S makes more torque (albeit at higher revs) than the GSX1400, the power to weight ratio of the two bikes is similar, so I don't see that as a huge difference. People aren't buying these sorts of bikes for out and out power as a general rule.
  14. keep in mind all the performance bits for air/oil 1100 and 1200 bandits will fit the 1400. They won't for the 1250s

    That means you could get some stupid power out of these things.
  15. Don't know what difference there is in suspension/brakes of these bikes, but assuming similar, how many of these can be attributable to the lesser weight of the watercooled bikes?

    On the fuel consumption, the 14 has recently gone injected, so that should close that gap.
  16. The watercooled Bandit 1250S is only about 3kg lighter than the GSX1400 so basically none of it is down to weight.

    It's partly due to frame design, partly due to the dual rear shocks on the 1400, partly due to the front end geometry and partly due to the front/rear weight balance (the 1400 has too much rear weight bias IMO which causes understeer approaching the limit, a similar problem to the K5 and earlier Bandits).
  17. I'd better shut up then :p Thanks for the lesson :wink:

    Just checked Suzi website and they both come in at 225kgs....
  18. Understeer???? Hmmm, interesting

    I have had mine for over 3 years and the only time I had understeer was when I went into a corner WAY to hot and the tyre itself did not like it..... :LOL:

    Seriously though, the 1400 needs the jackup kit which elevates the back 2.5inches and dramatically improves ridability..... :grin:
  19. Had a look at one of these today, rather intrigued with it, a real muscle bike with some vintage looks. :wink:
    I particularly liked the touring/pillion capabilities of this comfortable 'gixxer with grunt'.........perfect for the pillion that doesnt want to have their knees up around their forheads in a squat position, (similar to having a frog perched on the back of the bike ha,ha...) :LOL:
    Admittedly the riding position is more the 'sit-up-and-beg' tourer style but some buyers may not want the 'head-down-bum-up' or too much weight on the wrists type riding position.
    We've all got a bit of boy racer in us regardless of age, however, I have to consider the comfort of the Minister For Finances & Private Social Activities :wink:
    I also liked the idea of being able to dial/down up the suspension at both ends very easily.
    I would be very interested in hearing what some owners think of these bikes.........supposedly we have a few on board,
    C'mon guys....spill the beans. :cool:
    Cheers Rogues
  20. I think the best way of looking at the "sport bike riding capabilities" of the bike is to ask people I ride with....... I think you will find despite being a big bike, they can really boogy.......

    One way of improving the "sitting up minister position" is to buy a kaclup kit and put either MX or Flat drag bars and that will change the bike alltogether.......

    For those wanting to take a closer look, I will be a coffee friday night, come around..... :grin: