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GST to hit ALL purchases over $30.00

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MMMTS, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Just heard the other day that a GST charge will be placed on ALL purchases over $30.00 if you buy on the net.
    Used to be $1000.00 and over but the government is tapping into a very popular area with internet buyers, and I think they might just make a dollar or two out of it.


  2. Will they drop the threshold? Probably.

    Down to $30? Unlikely, it'd cost 'em more than they'd make.

    Even if they drop down quite a bit it'd still, for the most part, be a damned sight cheaper than buying from most of the ripoff artists around locally, since the price difference is a hell of a lot more than just the GST. Your prices, however, are excellent :)
  3. Source? or hearsay.....
  4. The ABC doesn't lie, this is being introduced any day .......be warned !
    They can make a $ out of this, I am surprised its taken this long.
  5. When they send it from overseas, tell em to put on the package, value $20 or present :)
  6. Can't see this being that effective. Most of the stuff I buy out of China is always marked as having a value of $10 without having to ask them - even though what's inside is often over $30.

    So would this mean customs will have to open every parcel to see if there's a receipt inside with a different value, or worse yet try and value the item themselves (which wouldn't work with new auction items that you might have gotten for much less than actual value). Or will the Government by checking through everyone's ebay accounts and other financial records for overseas transactions. Either option would have to cost far more than anything they could recoup in GST.

    Of course the real question is how much did Gerry Harvey give in "political donations" last year.....
  7. I'm with you all, I don't know how they will implement it but I'm sure customs will be on to this too when they open parcels for inspections etc etc.

    And this will affect my business cause my stuff is clear wrapped lol
  8. The productivity commission determined that GST on anything under $1000 would lose the government money because of processing costs. Unlikely for the Government to drop the minimum when it would hurt their bootm line.
  9. It was on Sunday morning ABC news, looked real to me and I hope your right Dougz, I don't want to be having to pay this tax and then do the paper work to get it back.....it sucks !
  10. I'm sitting here wondering what the problem is?

    Please explain it to me.
  11. It will never happen so you won't.

  12. I love how muppets like him act like GST dodging is why we buy online.

    I buy online because:

    1. It's usually 35-60% of the cost, not 91% like it'd be if it were just a GST difference. So I pay SIGNIFICANTLY less money for the same product, and IT comes to ME.

    2. Operation hours. If a place is only open from 9-5, there is literally zero chance I will buy from them. I'm not taking time off of work to go buy pants or a blender if I can buy them in my underwear at 3am instead. Australian retail is a joke, because everything closes so early. I didn't buy nearly as much stuff online back in the US because I could go to the mall and get instant gratification (at a higher cost, which I was ok with), even at 9pm on a Tuesday. I'm not saying that everywhere should be open until 3am, but the fact that Chadstone (to pick the nearest example) closes at 6pm or earlier 5 days a week is pathetic.

    3. Customer service: It's fuсking awful these days. 9 times out of 10, I know exactly what I want and I'm happy to find it and don't need help. But on those occasions where I do need help, it's maddening that the staff have no knowledge of what they sell, or where to find it in their store.

    4. It pisses off old irrelevant twats like Gerry Harvey.

    Harvey Norman actually manages to do ALL of these: They're overpriced even against other local ripoff artists. Their hours suck. Their customer service is terrible, and their namesake is a stupid сunt.
  13. Gerry Harvey can suck balls, biggest whinger. Him and his son are both minted, poor old Gerry always carries on like a baffoon, poor Aussie battler these days apparently
  14. I'd agree with all of those, but add:
    5. Australian sellers simply don't stock what I'm after, or in the case of local online stores have that annoying "please contact us to discuss whether we have parts suitable for your bike". F*&k that. In the time it would take me to call them and try and explain what I'm after (only to find they want some ridiculous price for it) I can order it from the US knowing up front what it will cost and in most cases exactly when it will arrive.
  15. …and that :)
  16. I would agree with the operation hours point.

    I would also add that many parts are not in stock in Geraldton, so it is usually quicker for me to buy online than to go to the local store, get them to order it in, lose it out the back, order it in again, and forget to ring me when they finally find it.
  17. Bloody hell Grue, will you please stop posting shit I agree with. It's upsetting the natural order of things :D.

    And I second jd's point that there's a lot of stuff in this world that simply isn't available in Australia at any price.

    And middo's that it's usually quicker to order a part direct from the US or Europe than to get your local retailer to order it from the eastern states. Presumably because the eastern states supplier, having received the order, then buys the part on Ebay from overseas then ships it across the country to you :D.
  18. Here's one that'll spin your noodle:

    Am I getting more like you… or are you getting more like me?