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GSR750 opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by brad1601, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to get my first road bike, I've riding off road since I was very young and enduro in the last few years, so I like to think I'm fairly competent on a bike, even though I know road riding is a different beast to enduro, the basics are all there.

    I really like the look of the GSR 750 and I belive it won't be too much for me due to my off road experience, its not like this will be the first motorbike I've ever ridden.

    From the reviews I've read on the net it seems to consistently get a better than average/good write up and as I mentioned I do like its styling, so my questions are,

    I'm not crazy getting a bike like this for my first road bike am I?

    and questions for people that own/have owned a GSR 750, do you like it? any trouble? ect ect

    Also how much did you pay for it? so far without any real bartering I've got a price of "about" 12.5k ride away, how does this compare?

    Thanks for reading! :) Hopefully I'll be out on the road in the next month or two :biker:
  2. Depends. Are you legally allowed to ride one?
  3. Of course... Geez I'm not an idiot lol I do have the correct (unrestricted) licence for this bike (y)
  4. I have a gsr 600 and it is a whole barrel of fun. I would imagine the 750 has a little bit more poke but shop around. Should be good deals out there.
  5. Thanks for the input mate, that seems to be the general consensus with these bikes, fun to ride, which is what I'm after.

    I will defiantly shop around before I sign up for anything, just after an idea of what deals other people have got so I know where I stand and how far I can push :p
  6. Excellent, just had to check as there has been plenty of idiots on here in the past :).

    Really the only issue I can see with the GSR750 is the fact it is quite a heavy bike - but if you feel comfortable with it and aren't about to try anything silly (at least not to begin with ;)) then I say go for it.
  7. Yes I can imagine there would be some idiots.

    Quite heavy? What is considered 'light' for a road bike?

    I'm used to bikes weighing not much over 100kgs, so yeah with this one at 210kg wet I can see it will be a difference and something I will have to get used to.

    As long as I'm not picking the 210kgs up off the ground I can't see it being too much of an issue though :p
  8. It's heavy compared with the sub 150kg 250s many people start out with when learning to ride on the road. Where the weight will be particularly noticeable is in low speed manouevering - but if you feel comfortable "walking" it around then you should be okay.

    Of course the plus side of weight is stability at speed, which is why the GSR is popular as a sports-tourer. They're just not ideal for complete novices who are likely to panic at low speed and end up with 200+kgs sitting on their leg.
  9. Ok, Yeah I'll be sure to try a bit of slow speed work when I take if for a test ride. I'm sure I'll be fine though.

    Thanks for the tips mate.

    Still waiting for a GSR 750 owner to chip in... any out there? lol
  10. as a fellow offroader you will be able to handle the machine,
    i say if you can ride a 125 on a mx track, you can ride anything.

    You must be up to scratch on your road using skills though!!!

    I have just come from a KLX250 trailbike to my R6, the bike is obviously heavier, but it is a lot lower down, the suspension is solid too, and obviously brutal power.

    on a sport bike, the chassis is so much more responsive than a steel trailbike, it is very twitchy and highly responsive. You cannot wrench the bike around like a trailbike, you have to caress it, go back to being really smooth.

    just remember the road is dangerous, your run off area may be an oncoming landrover and you have a lot of power in your hand! LOOK OUT FOR CARS
  11. I think I'm going to miss being able to 'throw' the bike around :p Nothing quite like that feeling of railing a berm or coming into a tight right angle turn, locking the back brake sliding in and once your facing the direction you wanna go... powering out :p

    ahh I'm going to miss it.

    My main reason for the switch is, basically a lack of time. My weekends over the past few years have been,

    Get home from work on Friday, get all the gear together, prep the bike, load everything onto the ute, go to bed early due to early morning the next day.

    Wake up early 4:30am Saturday morning, get ready and drive 2+ hrs or so to where ever we are riding that day, ride away by 8am. Back to cars between 4-5pm, get home buggered as hell after 7pm.

    Sunday morning wash bike and gear 1hr+

    As much fun as it is, it just destroys your weekend lol.

    I love riding bikes, so I'm hoping to find enjoyment from being able to just put my gear on and go for a ride whenever I feel the urge :D
  12. I crave the offroad still, and miss my trailbike
    but haven't been to the track yet!

    one day if we can ride the sportbike like a trailbike, powerslide the tarmac, thats what its all about!

    But its a lot harder than it looks, a lot more commitment because you carry SOOO much speed on the tarmac.

    Slamming on the brakes at breakneck speed and then full committal lean angle with a fair chunk of throttle thrown in at 100 mile an hour, it aint no picnic.
  13. Had mine since January and just put new tyres on it. Loving it even more now. Great for commuting, great for faster weekend rides, and great for overnighters too. I don't tour though so can't comment on that. I'm short and have no trouble wheeling it around, so long as It's not uphill. Like in and out of the garage is easy for me. Paid a fraction less than what you have quoted and that included all on road costs plus lowered plus they popped my slip on pipe on for me. I have added loads to bling it and make it mine. Anyway I'm loving it and expect to keep it for quite a while now. Cheers.
  14. You could have a Street Triple for that money, have you ridden one?
  15. Thanks for the input, good to know what other have paid so I know I'm not getting ripped. Thanks mate.

    No I haven't ridden one yet, but I will in the next week or so. I'll post up how it goes.
  16. Im sure you will be fine considering your experience.

    I have a Street Triple R and was considering getting a GSR750 (as it is much better looking). But after constant class wins in reviews and a test ride I wanted to get the ugly street triple R (dont regret it at all - amazing machine).

    Test ride both, you will be fine with the power.

    Let us know what you decide! :)
  17. Mate sorry if I missed this I only skimmed the thread but what about a motard/motard style bike? There are heaps of fancy ones around now.

    Duc Hypermotard, KTM 950 and 690, Aprilia Dorsedoso (or somethin) and Shiver, Husquavana Nuda...

    The KTM 690 is apparently a hoot. I rode the Superduke the other day. Power of a big bike but handling of a small one.
  18. I actually did see an Aprilia shiver today and really liked it, haven't ridden it yet but it looked nice.

    The only thing I'm worried about if I went that way would be reliability/obserd servicing costs... anyone know what the Aprilia's are like in this regard?

    EDIT: Just been reading a little about the shiver and it seems its quite down on HP compared to the GSR, 76 vs 105 which seems a fair bit to me... torque figures were also lower. Other than that though it seems nice.
  19. Hmmm not sure on servicing. Pretty sure the majority of Euros are pretty good these days.

    Most of the motards are down in power being similar size twins to the fours. Maybe try the Dorsedoso or whatever it is or Ducati Hypermotard 1100. Think they are both around the 100hp mark.
  20. Will do mate & I'll check out the tripple (y)

    Ok Thanks I'll check them out.

    Still probably leaning to the GSR at this stage though due to initial purchase cost as well as on going cost differences between the Suzuki and the euros :p