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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loulou4, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Ok, I've been riding for a few months and have my full unrestricted licence and am looking to upgrade. I'm thinking about getting a 600cc. I've been dreaming about getting the GSR600, from the pics on the net it looks hot.
    I went & had a look at it today and it looks sh*t, very disappointed. The front end looks crap and the blinkers are on the tank, it just looks wrong!
    So now I'm back at the Fz6, probably naked, the new orange and black tank is pretty cool, I think.
    I'm not really after a super sports, more of a sports tourer, any other suggestions?

  2. If you're buying new and set on a 4-cylinder it might be worth checking out the Kawasaki Z750.
  3. SV650S


    620 Monster

  4. Are you sure it looks shit IRL?

    the pics are pretty juicy.

    Black or Blue
  5. I was so looking forward to it, I had the cheque book out. But only ever saw side on pics. I was disappointed. :roll:
  6. I don't know quite what your all complaining about... i pulled up next to one at the lights a few weeks back and didn't think it looked that bad. I mean it's no B-King by any means, but it's got a couple of nice features. The brake lights look a little wanky, but the headlight and tank are decent.
  7. I went tot he shop and checked out on Saturday - i aagree now, it looks alot different up close. I bet you would spend half your life fixing plastic rattles on it...orr getting pissed opff about how the plastic bits dont align anymore.

    It looks like a Kmart motorbike or something...
  8. I was a little disapointed with the forks. They look the same as on my GS. Not very sporty at all. Upside down would have looked very trick. I hope the forks work better than the GS ones too.
  9. They look quite a bit thicker than the GS500 forks... more like the Bandit 1200 forks actually.
  10. Is a Suzuki and you are surprised by how ugly the front end looks?
  11. hi,I test road the z750 and the fz6n at the weekend,
    it was my first ride in nearly 4 yrs,(on a bike).
    my thoughts on the z750-I felt if I had a bit more confidence that the bike was a bike that could handle very well,smooth through the gears,responsive,nice.and the fz6n-I told the sales rep I crossed it of my list before I got to the end of the street.poor sound,clunky gears,vibration through handle bars,didn't get a good vibe at all.
    just my thoughts,still looking!
  12. That bike looks pretty sex in photos but you never know with photos. I dismissed some bikes and then found they looked great in real life then i said some look fantastic and found they looked tacky in real life .....
  13. I was taken by the GSRs looks as well until I saw it in the flesh, I decided to go for the FZ6, although not perfect, although it is quite a bit cheaper once you put some cans and a PC3 on it it is stonking!![/img]