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GSR600 v ER6F v 620 Monster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ricomac, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Netriders............

    Any of you own one of these bikes? This is my shortlist for an upgrade.

    Just saw the GSR recently and it looks great. Always liked the Duke but think it might be a bit gutless as they all seem to be LAM approved now. Reckon ER6F cause you get a comfortable position and easy riding with agressive looks.

    My dream bike is a Duke 748 but I am too much of a p*ssy to go for it. Probably be too uncomfortable anyway.

    Thoughts appreciated
  2. Cagiva Raptor 650
    . . . . this is my upgrade bike.
  3. I ride a GSR, noice bike as far as looks and riding goes. Goes well, is quite comfy and vibes-free on the seat, has usable torque in the lower/mid rev range, and is easy to throw around.

    Though gotta be careful with the snatchy throttle at times, like for example going into a corner after braking, maybe a powercommander might fix this?

    An aftermarket screen would be nice for the higher speed runs, but I haven't found anyone in Australia who makes them yet, apparently they're readily available from Europe.

    I like it regardless!

  4. The Monster Dark is my dream bike... as much for the look as anything else... but I suspect it's not the firebreathing killa sportsbike.
  5. monster 690 is out soon... could be worth a look.
    more $$$ then the other options though.
  6. the ER-6f has a good rep, from what I've heard.

    I'm considering it for my next machine.
  7. GSR600 vs ER-6F? Why not ER-6N, the naked one.
  8. Have to say........just don't like the look of the ER6n to be honest. I think though in the F it looks pretty sporty. And the Suzuki just has wonderful styling I reckon.
  9. Rode a 750M with a view to buy once and was amazed how gutless it was.

    The only duck I would look at would be the 1000ss of maybe 1000M.

    Havn't riden the Suzi or the Kwaka, but I would seriously consider the Kwaka for the work I do. i.e 90 kms per day in Sydney traffic.

    A freind of mine rode one recently as a test ride, after pranging her gsx750F and loved it.

    I think Yamaha have a naked 600/4 also.

    What type of riding are you doing?
  10. The LAM's approved version has a throttle restrictor on it, that only allows you to do about 2k RPM's.

    Rip off the throttle restrictor and you've got the full range.
  11. I have to agree. The ER-6N just looks awful.
  12. Hey ibast

    I do weekend riding really. Just local down to the shops and quick burns.

    Then about once a month a do a 5-6 hour ride up the old Pacific Highway and get into the twisties.

    I guess I want a bike that is fun, I wont get bored of and that is nice to look at and I can be proud of!
  13. If your not doing regular traffic work then any of them would be fine.

    For regular traffic work I personally wouldn't use a 600/4. Too heavy, wide and too relient on revs to make power.

    also I wouldn't use onefor a lot of freeway work. Too buzzy at 100-130 km/hr.

    But for what you are doing they should be fine.

    Have you considered the Z750?
  14. I have done the exact same comparison. GSR600 vs Z750 vs FZR 600n vs ER600n vs Monster 620: Result...

    GSR600, I thought:
    Best value for $ features etc
    2nd best looks (z750 takes that)
    Cheapest quotes (that I got, Monster was highest)
    Insurance was cheap,
    Not every man and his dog has one.
    In the end the seat on the GSR was just so much better than the "pad" of the z750 although I really wanted a z. So unless a really good bargain comes along the it's the GSR for me. Plus I love the candy blue.
  15. I've been looking at similar bikes for myself and I think ER6F comes up the winner. GSR has a problem with EFI - low revs throttle response is supposed to be pretty bad. I prefer smooth and relaxed style of riding and this, combined with the fact I do 99% of my riding in the city makes crappy EFI a deal-breaker for me.

    Ducati is expensive to insure and run (high service costs etc), but it is a really nice bike... however, a 695 is just around the corner - it is already available in the States and Europe, so it can't be long before we get it here. If I were going with the Duc, I'd definitely wait for the new model. Not only is the engine bigger, but more imortant in my view, it is also supposed to have much lower service requirements.

    So that leaves ER6F which is a very nice bike on all accounts. The only downside I can see is that being a new model there isn't yet enough info about its long-term quality and reliability... and a possible problems with buzzing fairings reported by some people.
  16. Apologies for my lack of knowledge........but what is a Z750?

    I didn't know there was a new monster coming. thanks for the info!
  17. Kawasaki Z750, the smaller version of Z1000. Some people think they are great, others think they're gutless with poor suspension. I think it depends on your expectations :) I just don't like their instrument pod with that LCD tacho. I'm really curious about their next year models... I want to see whether they are going to use the new instrument pod as seen in the current Z10 across the rest of the range?
  18. Is there a reason you're comparing Kawasaki's midsize twin to Suzuki's 600/4, instead of comparing it Suzuki's twin; the SV650? The SV is a fun bike by all accounts, be about even with the ER6 in terms of performance etc, plenty around for parts and they're fairly cheap of late.

    If you're after a 4 cyl, also consider the FZ6 or Z750.
  19. My monster has cost me a lot less to run than my Honda Spada used to. (not including tyres, which will be the same on any 600cc sports).

    Remember Ducati have 10k services, not 6k services like Jap bikes.

    And the insurance for the monster was only $200 a year more than the Spada, and it's worth 4 times what the Spada was :)