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GSR600 Suzuki

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dirty TRiX, May 27, 2007.

  1. Anyone got one of these.

    Kind of interested in one I saw today..... Sounds alright if a little underpowered (only twice the power of the current GS500).

    Barely be able to pull a 500m wheelie with that little power...
  2. Yeah sounds pretty weak.

    Try a zzr250 :LOL:
  3. Yeah I have one. Just got back from a 3 day 1200km trip on it and found it to be ok. the seat is a little hard but was not a problem. I rode the coast to Portland so there was a lot of straight boring road to numb the bum. Power wise just like any 600 it is left lacking in a straight line but in the tight stuff is fine. It has plenty of go for overtaking and has a top speed of about 245kph. I have fitted a Givi screen to mine and it helps heaps with wind blast but at legal speeds you do not need it it just helps on the longer rides. I have done just over 9000km on it in 6 months and it has not had any problems at all. I find it a great bike for around town and a bit of fun on the weekend. I think that for the money they are good value. The suspension just like any cheap bike is not the best but if the bike is used as it was designed it is not a problem. The front forks have spring pre load only and the rear shock has spring pre load and rebound. There is no under seat storage so a rack or tank bag is a must. Ventura make a rack and bagster make a very nice tank bag. I chose this bike over a FZ6 or ER6 because it fitted better than the Yamaha and it has more power than the Kawasaki.
  4. For those wondering what the heck they are, it's a new GSXR based bandit type bike.

  5. Thanks oz650r. Pretty much fits in with my thoughts of it.

    A couple of reviews I've read painted a bit of a bad pacture of the low speed EFI, but the handling and all that seems good, just a little soft in the suspension.

    Since im not 6'3" and 110kg I dont think that the suspension would be that soft for me anyway, and different fork oil weight makes a huge difference if required..

    Since it's going to be a GS500 replacement and seems to be better in every way for an experienced rider like me - power, suspension etc I think it'd be good enough for my needs for a couple of years.

    If I wanted a racetrack bike I wouldnt have sold the R6 all those years ago, and you can pick up secondhand R1's pretty cheap these days.

    I'd still prefer to get another twin but if the price is as promised then it's probably too good a deal to walk away from.
  6. EFI is a bit of a problem at low speeds as it is snatchy and there is a pronounced surge at cruise speeds as the 02 sensor does it's thing. I disconnected the 02 sensor from my bike and the fueling issues are a thing of the past. A power comander is avaliable and they also sell an 02 sensor eliminator plug. I will not put the power comander on and was not going to pay $40 odd for the 02 eliminator so made it myself for about 10c. I had a Hyosung GT650R before this bike and found the change from a twin to an inline 4 an easy one. But I still miss the sound of the twin.
  7. How does the SV650 compare in price and ability? This naked bike is a bit cheaper isn't it?
  8. What colour are you gonna get?


  9. Lol candy red if I get one... it's by far the best colour.
  10. SV650 similar price, but about 20hp less. SV650 has a much higher seat height too.

    I'd think that there wouldnt be too much difference in them, it'd be more related to the rider. Suffice to say, best rider on any of these sorts of bikes is going to romp away as they always do anyway.

    The GSR600 has far more "potential" being GSXR derived.

    But if thats what you want, you'd be looking in the wrong place anyway.
  11. Candy red is the only colour avaliable in k7 model k6 was blue. The GSR is a better bike on paper than an SV as it has adustment on the rear shock (rebound only). I think you will find that the GSR will walk all over the SV650 as it is a little sportier. They pull away from the SV with no probs.
  12. Had my K6 for nearly a year now, and it's served me well.

    Fits me perfectly (6"2) and is very comfortable. Lots of fun at legal speeds and easy to ride.

    There's the throttle snatch issue, but it can be ridden around - eg, when twisty carving, keep the throttle open and trail brake with the rear so you don't get some on-off happening mid-corner. Soft suspension really only shows if you're pushing it hard, so if you're riding smooth you'll have no problem.

    I like it! :grin:
  13. Any main differences in between the k6 and k7 apart from the colour? I love the grey one in your garage Bluplet.
  14. There is no differance between the K6 and K7. In Europe and all other markets they are sold they come in silver black blue and a different shade of red. There is an S model avaliable overseas but only differance is a front screen.
  15. I traded mygs500 on a gsr600 3months ago and i love it.I'ts got 4k on it already and would have done even more if it wasn't for all this dam rain.I test rode er6 & fz6 to but liked the GSR plus I got the best deal from suzuki dealer.I rode in to get a new tyre for the gs and the sales manager handed me the keys to the demo GSRfor the day :grin: .Three days later I had one in the garage :LOL: !Lots of twisties up here to & its more than capable of putting a huge smile on my dial :grin:
  16. You're gonna get the colour Suzuki Australia wants you to have! This is another of those one colour only bikes - take it or lump it. The concept of serving customer's wants is still foreign to our motorcycle industry, they still feel they are doing *us* the favour.
  17. Hey slow_suzuki,

    where are you at with your decision... i see a GSR600 on sale in the classifieds.
  18. Not getting it. The deal was changed when I returned - or maybe I just misunderstood them.

    So.... The GS500 is up for sale and we shall see what arrives - either before, during or after it's gone.
  19. oz650r could you please give details of this mod as i'd like to do this myself.
  20. No probs. I will post it in the mods section. I have to look at my bike to see which colour wires need to be looped/disconected. Will post it in the next few days.

    Mod posted