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GSR600 Leo Vince Exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MattybGSR600, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. hi there all,

    I thought i would just add a few pics of the work that took place on my bike this morning and give a little run down on it;

    I own a 09 GSR600... not a very popular bike in Australia, but i love and adore the machine. So i though i would put on an after market exhaust. After much researching and looking around i trimmed it down to 3... scorpion, remus and the leo vince SBK... so I hit the bike shops in Adelaide and got prices.
    I was shocked at the pricing the stores were quoting me from $700ish for the scorpion over $1200 for the remus and about the same for leo vince. and also told i would have to wait 4-6 weeks for the exhaust as no one had them in stock in Australia... I was then told by one of the sales guys to hit e bay and see what i can get on there. Other people i ride with had also said the same thing, but i was a little sceptical about buying of there with little protection if I got sent out the wrong parts.

    I was shocked when i looked on eBay to see the scorpion for around $550+ delivery of $60... almost the same as the stores in Adelaide but only a 10 day wait for it. The remus was really expensive on ebay and online stores. The biggest shock was the leo vince was only $480 + $50 delivery= $530 to my door with a maximum of a 10 day wait. so i got the vince and it arrived from Italy in 5 days!!!!! Amazing. Today i put the pipes on and i am surprised how easy it all went and the kit was perfect... every nut, grommet, and bracket was there. It all fitted like a dream with no issues at all, and my bike now sounds amazing and i love the look of the cans ill put up some pics :) any ways that's my little rant... guess i am a little disappointed that i couldn't get it from an Adelaide/Australian shop but saving %50 and only having to wait 5 days in stead of 4-6 weeks could any 1 really blame me!!!

    Ride safe

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  2. Good work! Looks nice. (y)
  3. Thanks thanks... she is a little loud so i do see the DB killers going back in some time just yo keep the fuzz off my case but will take them out on track days and let her RAW
  4. I had a set of leos on my GSR. I bought them local for $900 as they were $1150 online at the time about 3 or 4 years ago. Leave the baffles out as with them in it just sounds stock. The link pipe would be a good idea to get rid of the cat and a power comander to smooth things out and give a little extra. I removed the 02 sensor on mine and adjusted the TPS right to make it a much better ride. I still miss my GSR as I thought it was an excellent bike and great value.
  5. looks good, something I wouldn't mind doing to mine..... maybe a sound clip or something?
  6. NO it doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rear of the bike is designed around the exhausts being faired into the body-work; the new pipes look like ill-designed add-ons....
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    They do look good. IMO I think it is nice to be different. A lot of bikes out there have aftermarket exhausts that are completely different looking to the original.

  8. Gotta agree. I'm sure the Leo Vince pipes sound great, but they really don't fit the fairings in my opinion, look kind of out of place. On the up side people probably don't get to see the bike for very long as it flies past, so sound is the priority :p
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    I would say that they are good for these bikes being up under the rear like that it would be hard to have a standard looking after market exhaust. If you have pics of something more suitable I would love to see them as I am considering a after market exhaust for mine

  10. did you get a video of before and after?

    must sound mean.
  11. Scorpion do an OEM fitment type slip-on for these, could go silver for a factory look or carbon if you want it to stand out a bit.

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    I will check them out. Thanks for the advice.

  13. Hey all thanks for ya replies/ opinions. Yeah I do agree the cans are a little large for the bike but I personally love the look!! I do have befor and after vids I'll put them up when I get home from work.. But sadly I dropped her a few weeks ago and she is gone :( I have the cans and everything for them to fit if some wants to buy them. They sound amazing!!! Every 1 I ride with think it sounds really nasty.. And when I pull up at a cafe after a ride every 1 theresayd they haven't seen 1 with cans and how nice it sounds for a 600!!! My new toy should arrive next month when I get the money for it.. Going for a GSR750... will be interesting to see and feel the ride difference!!!
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    How much were you looking at for the cans if you sell. Might be interested

  15. I guess I would need $400 plus postage for them they are not damaged at all luckily.. They are rather easy to install if u have a half desent tool kit!! I can e mail you vids and pics of the install and I have all the instructions ect that it comes with. I am just trying to decid if I am gonna keep it and fix it up as a track bike..
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    hmm. Sweet as. I got 3 weeks but before any extra cash is available.... :-( if no one has brought em by then it is a serious consideration

  17. Do you have a pic from the rear? Is there 2 pipes or just one?
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    Two one either side

  19. some more pics... ill try and put the vids on you tube.... i dont think i can do tht here..

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