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GSR600 for a shortarse

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Had a look at prior threads and discussions about this bike, and reviews were mixed. The latest was late 2008, though, so I don't feel too bad about starting a new one.

    Wifey's enjoying learning to ride on her CB125E, but in hindsight we should definitely have got her something freeway-capable as a first bike. The little 125 can hit about 85 flat out with a tail wind, and it just limits the things we can do, and that in turn limits riding time.

    Been looking at 600s and thereabouts as a step up - trying for things newer than 2005 and under 60,000 km, and not too pricy - and the GSR came up in the search. She likes the look of it, and reports seem to be muted by generally good.

    She's about 5'3" or 163 cm in the old money, and still pretty new, so something short is good. The GSR actually has a 10 mm *lower* seat height than the CB and is quite narrow at the front of the seat as well.

    Any tales, experiences, gotchas, alternative suggestions?
  2. Has she sat on a CB400 , or are you set on a Suzi ? Similar seat height maybe a little lower in fact and a great all rounder.
  3. Yeah, the CB is a very nice bike, and would fit the bill. Last time I looked they were considerably more pricy - closer to $6k when the GSRs seem to be going for around $4k - but that may have shifted a bit.

    Edit: Nup, no significant movement. Honda premium, plus it came out more recently.
  4. Fair enough if it doesn't fit the budget at the moment, got a cat or a budgie you can sell ?
  5. Nah, but I know someone who's not doing much these days who could smuggle some...
  6. I know quite a short female, who rides one of these.
    She's had the seat professionally lowered and can still only tippy-toe, but loves her bike to bits.
  7. Just a sugestion from another short arse midget ( Im 161cm ..wasnt blessed with the long legs !) Have you looked into lowering link as well for the wife?
  8. Mate my wife is 160cm and just got a CB400 with 770mm seat which is, despite only a 15mm difference, is a lot easier for her to maneuver. Looked at the GSR but there weren't many available, and from memory the seat height wasn't mentioned in the Bikesales specs.
    There's this 2011 one in QLD at $5.9k but you could probably get that down to 5 if you haggle as it has 34k on the clock.
  9. My missus is 163cm as well, we're currently selling her current lams and then starting to look for a open class replacement.

    But I like buying things so I've already got a shortlist of things to try.
    - Ninja 650R/ER6-n (the non lams versions) tend to not hold their value as well as the lams versions, and have a seat height under 800mm, + abs. There's a couple of '11 & '12 models in qld for around the $5k mark.
    - CB400 as mentioned, but also CB600F (although there doesn't seem many of the newer shape floating around, there's a 2008 model in Brisbane for around $5k).

    Both get warm to favourable reviews.