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gsr600 and sv650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thestockie1, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all just thought I'd give my thoughts on these two bikes as I test rode each recently. I arrived at my local (30mins away) suzuki dealer after organising a look at these two bikes as an upgrade from my bandit 250. So after my chilly ride in I have a quick chat with my friendly neighbourhood salesman and the keys to a black 2008 gsr are promptly tossed my way. This should be interesting 100hp on a bike for the first time :grin: . I jump on and after getting to terms with the slightly heavy clutch and I'm off.

    Daaammmnn smooth as silk and so easy to ride love the digital speedo and gear indicator very handy. I split to the front at the first set of lights and can't resist a squit when the green comes. Its refreshing not to have to have to change gear 4 times before you cross the intersection. And before I know it I'm alittle beyond the legal limit. First decent corner brakes a bit siff but they work very well. Bike is so easy to lean and the growl on the down shifts its sweet.

    Roundabouts just show how this bike sticks to the road and is so easy on the change of direction. As I head onto the freeway on the return loop I decide to open her up. "Holy batshit batman!" this has a lot more mubo then im used to before I even have time to think I'm going faster than my 250 could ever hope to achieve. I back off and start giggling like a schoolgirl. I could get used to this.

    Finish my loop and last set of traffic lights I gas it in 1st and the front comes up ooohhh yeah this is what I've been craving. I pull in back at the dealer with a MASSIVE grin. That was fun.

    Next the sv650 I really thought i was a twin sort of guy but this really didn't impress after the gsr. Not as quick steering not as powerful felt like a big gs500. Just not the adrenalin pump that the gsr was.

    Keeping in mind I have a limited experiance on big bikes (read next to none) I had a ball and I think a naked 600 I4 would suit my riding (30mins to the airport and back everyday + trips to the mountians). I will be testing other bikes but for the money the gsr is lookin good and there is not that many on the road. Feel to tell me I'm wrong :)
  2. Nice writeup mate, pretty funny considering these are the two bikes i am strongly considering once i'm off my restrictions. Yeah the GSR600 just looks a hell of a lot more fun than the SV, doesn't seem like too much of an upgrade from the GS500
  3. Yeah thats what I thought mate I'm interested to try the new hornet and street triple. However I'm reluctant to as I really cannot afford either
  4. nice write up

    If i was in your position. I'd get the SV650 and get a Yoshi Pipe and debaffle it..

    one of the guys (Superunknown) from brisvegas rides one.. it sounds sooooo good
  5. My last bike was a GSR, loved it.

    Could use a bit of work fueling and suspension-wise to make it even better from stock though!
  6. I had a GS500 for a loan bike last time my GSR was at the dealer and I can assure you there is a world of differance. I had a Hyosung GT650R before the GSR and the differance between them power wise was huge. The Hyo has simular power to an SV650.
    I have had the GSR for nearly 2 years now and still love it. It does everything i want and I will not upgrade this bike for a long time. There are heaps of bits for them but it all comes out of Europe so is a bit pricey.
    I want to fit a new set of cans but they cost $980 localy for Leo vince or about 400 euro ex Germany + postage. For the money the GSR wins every time.