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GSF250V symptom check

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Sitting Bull, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I'm very close to handing over the cash for a 1999 GSF250V and will be taking it for a test run tomorrow. It's got 8.5K on the clock and the owner has just had a $200 service done on it, apparently. He reckons they did all the fluids, checked the chain and the bike needed a set of plugs. My concern is why it would need a set of plugs at 8.5K. He said it is starting better, idling better and running much better with new plugs. Is there something I should be worried about or that I can investigate tomorrow when I look over the bike? Any pointers would be appreciated.
    I'm not sure if the carby was retuned in the service, hopefully he has an itemised receipt.

  2. The GSF does chew through plugs simply due to the insanely high revs needed to get any power from 250cc. I used to check the plugs on my old GSX250 (same engine) fairly regularly and probably would have been replacing them around that 8-10k mark.

    Of course that even if the kms are genuine (which seems unlikley) you then have to worry about whether the bike was correctly stored for the long periods of time it clearly wasn't being used - you'd be wanting to check for rust in places like the inside of the fuel tank, and for degradation of rubber components like fork seals and hoses.
  3. Thanks mate.
    I had a look at the bike a few weeks ago, before it was serviced, but didn't get to take it for a test drive. It's is in very good condition so the k's are probably genuine but as you say the previous owner left the bike sitting around for extended periods. If I can get it for a good price and it rides OK I might bring it home. There's not a lot about around here second hand in my budget and I'm getting desperate for a bike to get me through to P2.
  4. If I you can get it for 3.5-4k (or less) then it should be a good buy. Even if it has suffered from sitting parts are fairly easy to get and the bike is very easy to work on yourself. There used to be a lot of "how to" guides on Japanese websites with photos but I don't remember the locations. Searching the engine code GJ77a will find you non-english sites about the bike.

    Good luck.
  5. Check if tyres are the same ones... weirdly I recently bought the same bike with 6800kms but have to factor in a set of new tyres since the old ones have perished from aging... not much grip but okay if you're just going to potter around for a bit - but they'll need replacing before any serious riding
  6. Took her for a spin.
    There was a real dead spot and a buzzy rattle around 9500rpm which lasts for a second or so at full throttle. The dead spot seemed to go out a bit as the engine warmed. I have read something about the VVT on another 250 Bandit thread but I'm not sure it was quite right with the valves somewhere. Worse part was fresh oil around the bottom left side of the carby, which I noticed after getting off the bike. I thought I could smell oil burning as I stopped on the way back. It's got me stuffed where the oil was coming from. He didn't have an itemised receipt for the service so I reckon it's only had an oil and filter change + plug change maybe. Could the oil leak be something to do with the VVT?
    I told him I'd have another look at it after he sussed the oil leak out.