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GSF250V (Bandit) Rattling/Tapping noise?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mossmuddy, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. My bikes been making a rattle/tapping noise. It's quite noticeable at idle but once I give it a few revs it speeds up according to what rev range I'm at. When revved the rattle does quiet down but can still be heard if I listen closely. Not sure if it'd be a factor but the bike has VVT.. also all fluid levels are sufficient.

    Here's a clip of the sound at idle.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. It SOUNDS LIKE a valve which is very loose. On many engines with adjustable valves it would be a simple matter of pulling off a cap and checking the adjustment. (simple operator adjustment for the mechanically inclined) On your bike, it's a mission., due to all the plumbing.

    The GSF has buckets and shims - not a simple lock nut and screw on the rocker. You need to pull off the valve cover to check - workshop manual strongly advised. Not for the faint hearted.

    How likely is it that you've "spat a shim"? Has the bike been over-revved? It is known to occur.

    There are other possibilities - other members may have other ideas. Don't chase this until you hear a few more ideas.

    A good mechanic with serious familiarity is your best bet. I have a Bandit, and I leave valve adjustment on this bike to the experts on account of the valve adjustment arrangement.
  3. Mine is making exactly the same noise.It also had very low compression and was very hard to start, so last weekend I adjusted the valve clearances and the compression readings are now up to spec once again and the bike is easy to start, The knocking noise is still there, though, so valve clearance does not seem to be the problem. The next suspect is a spun connecting rod bearing.
    Also, please note that contrary to the post above, the GSF250V with the GJ77A VVT motor has lock nuts and screws to adjusting the valve clearances and is not at all difficult to DIY if you are mechanically minded and have the service manual. Look up for the GSF400V service manual if you don't, as the heads are identical, as is pretty much everything else.
  4. Could this be cam chain related?

    When you rev the engine and the noise reduces does it then increase on the throttle off?
  5. gussteinberger - I stand corrected. My Bandit has the larger (1250) engine. I thought before I posted "should I assume?" I actually didn't - checked it on an overseas web site - (parts only) and honestly couldn't see anything that looked like lock nuts and screws, but I had to guess at the exact model, year.

    Anyway, if you have one, you'd know for sure. Thanks for straightening me out. I'm sure this is most helpful to mossmouldy. My source was an overseas web site, and I didn't have so much to go on.

    Sorry mossmouldy, for the bum steer.