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GSF250 suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Envy-t, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Hello all, first post.

    I am the new owner of a 1992 grey import gsf250 and want to know if the rear suspension is adjustable?

    The books are all in Japanese, but there is a pic of the rear suspension being played with. I have a collor that is numbered from 1-6 and it's set on 4.

    I am 100kgs and want to know if it can be adjusted to a stiffer setting?

    Thanks in advance :grin:
  2. The collar will be for adjusting the preload of the shock - basically this adjusts how much force is needed before the shock starts to move. So more preload stops it bottoming out with a heavy rider and/or pillion, less preload means the suspension will actually do something with a lighter rider on board. The right setting is the one that results in the spring compressing just slightly when you get on the bike (ie any extra force will all go into the spring).
    Stiffening the suspension can really only be achieved by changing the spring, and to a lesser extent the fork oil. Japanese suspension is always on the soft side since it's designed for lighter riders, on smoother roads, with a maximum speed of 80kph.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. So if I load it to 5 or 6 it should make it stiffer?
  4. No, it just won't sag as much when you initially get on the bike.
    The stiffness of the spring won't change, however it may seem like it has simply because your weight won't be compressing the spring and using up most of its travel before you even ride off (ie less chance of it "bottoming out").
  5. has the bandits preload the same setup as the 93 across?
  6. It's probably exactly the same suspension, but preload is pretty much the same with any monoshock bikes (unless like me you have the luxury of remote preload adjustment :grin:).
  7. Thanks JD!!

    I adjusted it to number 6 from the factory setting of 4, and it's a much nicer ride. I can feel the road under me now, and corners seem much steadier.
  8. No worries. What's the front suspension like?
    If it feels "springy", or seems to compress a lot under heavy braking (or just pushing down hard on it), then it may need fresh fork oil. It's something that's often neglected on 250s.
  9. Fronts are good as far as this novice can tell.

    But what is the clunking noise as I hit the edge of a driveway, or go over a small bump. I think it's the rubber mount that holds the guages, I am not sure?
  10. at 90kg, i always bottomed out the Across entering driveways so I bought upgrated (fat-bastard) front springs for the across and new oil.

    They appear to have designed their suspension with 60kg japanese guys in mind.

    never really had a problem with teh rear spring, but if i end up keeping this bike, it'll get replaced too.
  11. I was looking carefully the last few times I rode up the rideway (lol) and it was know where near it's full travel.
  12. i am 90kg and i adjusted the spring preload up a few notches and it made the world of difference. the bike now sits higher in the arse end, and it handles much better than before, when it wallowed along.

    if you want to adjust it, let me know, all you need is a long screwdriver and a hammer (no seriously!), and about 2 minutes.
  13. Thanks Sheppo but the tool bag under my seat had the correct tool to do it. Surprising that it was all there since 1992, the manual is even there, albeit in Japanese!

    I turned mine up to 6, took all of 60seconds and am very much happy with the results.
  14. how did u get the tool to fit on and move?
    I found it hard to place the adjusting tool on and try to move the damned thing.. limited space.
    What tips do u have?
  15. There was an extension bar in the bag aswell!

    I attached it from the centre rear and then turned. It's easier than watching grass grow!


  16. thanks for the photos ....
    i just wish i was smart enough to look thru the tool kit b4 asking a stupid question ....
  17. Hey I almost attacked it with a pipe wrench but then thought, " I wonder?"

    Thank god I did or it would look a little mashed! lol :p