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GSF250 Bandit with no power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by AlanS, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I got a GSF250 Bandit from Sumoto a couple of months back (which I now know makes me an idiot! :oops: ) It's always been low on power and did 120-150 KM on a full tank including reserve which is how I thought they were, but now that I've found netrider and done some searching it seems I may have a problem.

    So after some investigation I found that all of the plugs look very old (rusting), the oil looks very dirty and the second cylinder is a lot colder than the other three. I'll do the oil, oil filter and plugs myself, what would be the best place to get these parts? But I'm worried about the cold cylinder, can anyone recommend a good mechanic to take a look at the bike and tell me what's up, and I'm sure point out all the problems I've missed?


  2. Yeah that mileage certainly isn't good - even ridden hard you should still be able to get 200+ kms before needing reserve. Parts you should be able to get at any motorcycle shop - the plugs are NGK CR8Es and the oil filter is a HF-531 (that's a unifilter part number - don't know the official Suzuki part code). The cold cylinder could just be down to a faulty plug and may come good when you change them (should change them every 10,000 kms and check/clean them every 5,000). If it's a faulty plug lead that's more of a problem since they're part of the coil packs and are therefore going to be pricey to replace. Also a possibility that it's a carb problem but change the plugs first and see what happens. Also given the condition of the bike it might be an idea to check/replace the brake pads, brake fluid and air filter - if the oil changes have been neglected then chances are these things haven't been touched for a while either.
    Edit: Oh and before you go riding it again make sure you open the airbox drain (rubber hose directly under the airbox). If one of the plugs has been playing up then there's a good chance the airbox is full of oil/fuel.
  3. Ah, the Bandit 250, still one of my favorite bikes :D
    Personally, I'd take it into a good mechanic and get them to go a full service on the thing, Or if you are confident you can do this yourself, go for it.
    Hopefully the loss of power and the cold cylinder are purely plugs or at worst a coil. I cooked a piston on the way back from Albury with bad fuel partially blocking a carb, lots of $$$ to fix.
    A full service at a good mech for a Bandit that includes plugs, oil, filters, lube of required bits etc and a carb balance used to cost me about $150 on a bad day.
  4. I removed some very old C8E plugs and replaced them with some new CR8EKs (they didn't have CR8Es and said the Ks were as good or better) and WOW! So now I've got four cylinders the same temperature and I can idle in first without stalling.

    The plugs were a fiddly but simple job, oil and filter were easy. The coolant was harder but only because I broke two cheap tools trying to loosen the air bleed bolt before I went and bought a proper socket set. Chain tension's next then I'll try and get my head around the carb.

    I'd love to have a mechanic I can trust to do the work, can anyone recommend someone in Melbourne? Sumoto's "half price" first service was $190 if it didn't need tuning, that's what got me looking at the bike and Netrider. :grin:
  5. Where abouts in Melb are you? There's plenty of good Mechanics around. I recomend Mick Hone in Box Hill or Stafford Yamaha in Heidelburg.

    BTW, now that you've replaced the plugs, don't forget to take the old ones back to sumoto. Ask to speak to the Mech that built (if thats what you'd call it) your bike and jam two plugs through each eye socket so he can recognise rust when he sees it. :LOL:
  6. I'm in Northcote so Heidelberg could be good, will a Yamaha shop service a grey import Suzuki? I would have thought they wouldn't have the parts.
  7. They can order parts. :)

    Given your location, you might also try Gassit's in Fairfield but don't let their apprentice anywhere near it. :)
  8. Staffords were a Suzuki dealer and one of their mechanics has been there for a long time so knows Suzukis. The bandit is mechanicaly an Across so all Suzuki dealers should be able to help. Some dealers will not work on grey imports though.
  9. Nope - engine in the Across came from the GS250FW, engine in the Bandit was an all-new design based off the GSXR. There are similarities between the two but also signficant differences (oil filters are completely different for example). Still the only difference between locally delivered Bandits and grey import versions is the variable exhaust valve - so no real reason why a Suzuki dealer shouldn't be able to work on one.