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GSF250 Bandit GJ74a and Ventura Rack

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AlanS, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. I just picked up the L bracket for a Ventura rack from eBay for $30, trying to get a luggage system cheap ;) but although it's the S084 L bracket I can't work out how it could possibly fit. From the fitment chart I got this info:
    GSF250 V, X Bandit
    L-Bracket: S084
    Pack Frame: PF14
    Sports Frame: SR14

    Which is the same as Peter Stephens were offering to sell me, but I'm wondering if the GSF250 V fitting will work on the GJ74a Bandit.

    Has anyone got a Ventura rack on a GJ74a and if so is it using the S084 bracket?

    Otherwise there will be a set of L brackets for a GSF250 V for sale very soon!

  2. Is yours the older model with clip on handle bars, or the model with tubular riser type bars, the newer shape? Im thinking its http://www.synapse.ne.jp/s-hara/bandit/ban-spece.html

    If its the clip on model as in the one in the picture, the ventura racks do not fit. Been there, done that, and had to ring New Zealand regarding it.
    The newer model has bolt on sections for it.
    The older model doesnt.

  3. If you're interested in putting on a top box, rather than a luggage rack, then I might have a bandit 250 Givi rack that you might be interested in. PM me if you want more details.

  4. Yep that's the one, clip-on handle bars, so it's not just me it is the wrong bracket :( At least I didn't spend $400 on a luggage system just to find that out!

    Could I clamp some bolts to the frame? I'll have a look in a hardware store to see if there is any options (and then give up), I don't want to weld it on.
  5. Hi Shaggy, still not enough posts to PM :( I've been trying to avoid a topbox but since I'm running out of options I'm interested, have you got a pic of what the rack looks like?
  6. [​IMG]
    Illustrated: Bandit GSF250V with ventura rack L bracket. the L brackets replace the rear handgrips which are connected via captive nuts welded to the rear subframe. hence if on an early version of the bandit, there are no handgrips that measure up to the bracket, it is either a no-go or will require some modifications.
  7. if you want to sell them i might be interested
  8. OK I give up! Chris I don't want to make a profit, so if you or anyone else wants a set of Ventura S084 brackets for a GSF250V they are for sale for $30, pick up from Thornbury Vic, PM me your contact details if interested.
  9. I haven't got a pic of the rack on the bike and don't have the bandit anymore but I can take a shot of the rack by itself if you want - but won't be able to do it until Sun night.