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GSF250 Bandit "0-100 power etc"

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimbob80, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Just been looking at the Suzuki GSF250 Bandit and quite like the little beast.

    Just want to know about it's power. I have read that it has 45hp but just interested in how many seconds to reach 100kph. Nothing seems to be on the net.

    I know that 250's are slow in comparison to bigger bikes... ... ... Just want any info from anyone who has been on a bandit and done some tests.

    any other info would be appreciated.


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  3. Being a 250 will probably take forever.. :LOL: No seriously probably about 5-6 sec..
  4. Actually when you think about it, such a small machine that on paper figues would wipe the floor with many a car over 0-100! It's also a thought (for me, anyway), my bike isn't that more powerful and it's a 750! Different era and all that though.
  5. 0-100 time? You'll have to factor rider weight into the equation.

    Do you disappear when you turn sideways, or are you a lardarse? :LOL:
  6. Technically the Bandit only produces 40hp but if the manufacturers specs for torque are correct actual output is higher (45 would be close). 0-100 time's going to depend on the rider and sprocket ratio, but somewhere between 5 and 6 seconds sounds about right. My car does it in 7 and my bike is quicker than that (at least up until 80kph). Of course I've also had newbie 250 riders try and race my car and lose, so rider skill is definately a factor.
  7. ok

    I am 6.3 and weigh in at 80kg's.....

    I have been riding for a while now... Have run into a problem, had to sell my gixxer 6 which I regret but sh$t happens.

    will be getting a 250 because the wife wants to get her licence but will be stuck on her restrited... I will be riding it most of the time.

    Been interested in getting a bandit and working on it.

    Keep the comments coming if u have any.
  8. I have one, 5-6 seconds sounds right. They are an awesome bike.
    I think the earlier models had 45hp and more recent models have 40hp. Try and get the Aussie model if you can, the insurance difference is quite a bit.
  9. Hi man, i have this bike.
    Mine is the Aussie delivery (you can tell the difference with the red rocker covers) and this produces more power due to the vtec motor which kicks in at about 9500rpm.
    JD is right, about 5secs. He should know, we ride toghther.
    The maunual quotes it at 33kw, but is considered to be underestimated.
    I have beaten 250 CBR-RR's off at the lights (most drags within reason are the skill level anyway...)
    Its a great bike, i have done the great ocean road on it for 2 days and felt good after a long day. It sits on 8000 on 100kph and revs to about 14500rpm.
  10. i rekon 45ps is pretty bloody good for a 250, a CBR250's is 38ps. i dunno about the bikes dry weight but. going down two teeth on the front sprocket will make it go alot quicker. i wouldnt do that but if you do alot of freeway stuff. good luck with it mate.

  11. The earlier model (non-vvt) has more power, the later models were 'softened' a bit.

    I would probably go for a newer model though, they may have been through less learners' hands.
  12. http://cbr250.quickseek.com/
  13. Also important to note that the Bandit has the highest torque output of any four-stroke 250 (and that includes the twin cylinder models) - which is why it doesn't need to rev out as high as other 4 cylinder 250s.
  14. FYI, theres one in the Perth quokka this week, sounds alright ? No, I'm not the seller.

    SUZUKI GSF250, 2000, Bandit, black, 21,000km, just serviced, same pwr as CBR250, looks nice, excel cond, swap for larger road bike, WHY or sell $4900.
  15. which year?

    Damo79: you said that the better one to get is the one with the VTec engine... I am gussing that model is the one with the red cover and is classed as the GSF250V ???

    I am a little confused as bikesales have both the gsf250 and the gsf250v listed and the "V" models have the red covers and are newer than the gsf250 models...

    Can someone clear this up for me?
  16. The "v" models have a valve which basically opens up/constricts the exhaust depending on rpm to improve engine response across the rev range - though there's no real improvement in outright performance. All Bandits sold here officially are the V type with the red engine cover. The GSF is an earlier model without the variable exhaust but is otherwise basically the same. All GSF250s are grey imports and I think there may have been a few grey import GSF250Vs.
  17. So the 'V' model has a similar EXUP exhaust system to some of the Yamahas does it? Or is it actually variable valve timing which is why all these people have been saying 'vtec (y0!)'

    I quite like these naked 250s, add them to the proposed bike list! :grin:
  18. Yes, the 'v' model has variable valve timing.

    The two models have quite different engine characteristics. The earlier model redlines at 16.5k (from memory, I started out on one of these), the later model 14.5k rpm.
  19. Yes, the 'v' model has variable valve timing.

    The two models have quite different engine characteristics. The earlier model redlines at 16.5k (from memory, I started out on one of these), the later model 14.5k rpm.
  20. No, it has variable valve LIFT. Valve timing stays the same it's just the size of the exhaust that changes. It's nowhere near as complicated as something like a VTEC system. So yes it is a bit like Yamahas EXUP system, only it operates at the valve rather than the exhaust.