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GSF1250 Bandit v GSX1400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sven, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. I just sold my '91 ZZ-R 600 and it's time to upgrade to a big bore naked bike. The shortlist consists of a GSX1400 and Bandit 1250. I've test ridden both and loved them both but the rides were months apart so it's hard to make direct comparisons.

    About the rider, I'm 6'1 and about 100kg. Riding is mostly weekend recreational with occasional long trips. A pillion is rare. I loved the ZZ-R and I want the same get-up-and-go, just without all the revs! I like corners (so no cruisers for me) but I'm fairly conservative, so a full sportsbike would be overdoing things. I'm planning on spending around $8000 (used).

    I think the GSX looks better and my impression is that it's a little more relaxed. The Bandit is available with ABS brakes, which is a big plus.

    Anyone out there ridden both and able to comment on their relative strengths and weaknesses?

    Thanks in anticipation!

  2. My hubby has the Bandit 1250 and he just loves it. Its got more than enough torque and power. He's about 5 foot 9, and used to ride a Triumph Trophy but says the Bandit is the better bike by far.
  3. did he say why?
  4. Its lighter than the Triumph Trophy, and seems to have more torque. Its been trouble free so far, which we cant say about the Triumph!!!
  5. I was thinking about a Bandit, but, I'm worried that it'll be too short. I prefer a taller bike. Tossing up with a Bandit or a Triumph Sprint GT.
  6. Why the GT specifically? I know some owners love 'em but there's been a lot of reviews saying the longer swingarm has adversely affected the handling.
    And if you want tall, there's the 1050 Tiger, which is almost universally admired.
  7. I have both and love them both as much.

    The Bandit is a little better in the corners but the 1400 has some serious grunt. Seating position on the 1400 is not as firm as the bandit, which could cause some discomfort for people with back problems.

    Even though the Bandit (and GSX1250FA) have ABS, the front brakes on the 1400 are terrific stoppers.

    I tend to behave myself a little more on the bandit, the 1400 brings out the hoon in me :-w
  8. I've read mixed reviews about that. In the end though, I really want something that can do 2 up for long rides and be comfortable. Not sure the adventure bikes can do that.

    Anyway, sorry to derail the thread, I only mentioned my likes because it also included the Bandit. Really interested in peoples thoughts/opinions.

    As far as nakeds go, I've also heard nothing but awesome things about the Honda Hornet 900. Not as bit bore, but, supposed to be a brilliant bike.
  9. I'm around 5 foot 6 and could still comfortably flat foot my Bandido, seat can be adjusted for taller riders...
  10. my 70 year old father has the 1250 naked bandit and i own a gsx1400 ,i find that the bandit seat hard and to me it feels like riding on top of it other than that i can t fought the bandit power and smooth transmision i m 6ft nearly 120kgs ........ the gsx1400 in imo is better ride for bigger built riders and also the gsx1400 has more suspension setting ajustments than the bandit ... its shame they were discontinue ....cheers chris
  11. gee I'd like to have your problem lol

    do you want some fairing or not?

    both bikes aer beastie, on more so (gsx)
  12. No fairing but I might end up buying a little screen. I realise it's all a matter of personal taste but I just don't like the look of the half faired Bandit S.

    Fickle, I know!

    Thanks for all the responses.
  13. Road Rider magazine recently did a comparison between the GSX1250FA (which is a fully faired Bandit) and the Triumph Sprint GT.
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  14. I have a honda cb900f [baby compared to the gsx] the screen does make a difference on highway speeds, if you do alot at legal and beynd highway speeds consider a [1 foot high] screen (there abouts) your height then wont act so much as windbreak on the bike!!
    Good luck either way you go, both bikes have a great rep, you cant lose with either one.
    I like the blue n white scheme on the gsx myself :)
  15. the bandit is actually fairly small ergonomically. the gsx much roomier.
    FZ1s maybe another option.

    but for yourself and mez, minglis. should check out the M109R boulevard.
    bit out of left field i know. but man, they go like stink, and eat up the miles in comfort.

    if you could stretch the dollars the ultimate 2up comfort touring would be the FJR.
    why does she have to have her own bike anyway.
  16. Speaking of the FJR I know someone looking to sell......

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  17. Robs day off?

    C'mon Rob, they're playing your song
  18. it's also available without abs, whereas a lot of new bikes don't have that option.
    some bikes you can't even switch it of.
    in part that keeps the cost down by a grand or 2.
    not everyone wants abs. it's not a car. perhaps you'd like a seatbelt and airbags also.
    horses for courses.
    i've only test ridden one bike with abs but that was a couple of years back. perhaps it's improved since. i found it hard to get the abs to come on in hard braking. but when it did it scared the shit out of me. just not what i'm accustommed to. not what i expect to happen.
    i found it disconcerting for a computer to overide my body.
    i think for the next generation of street riders it's generally a good thing though. the chances that it could worsen the scenario are slim.

    i've never had the front tire skid on the bandit. with 4 different tire choices. the stock forks are fairly soft and it's a very front heavy bike. one benefit is you barely notice the difference with a pillion or load on the back. the back tire will skid real easy though. and it's not a particularly well balanced machine, so it won't skid straight, not even briefly.
    it's an honest reliable cheap bike. has a stupendous amount of power, will dust of anything from standstill or roll on acceleration. which gives you a lot of safety in traffic as you can alter your position amongst the cars before they can blink.
    but you will find the limmits of the stock suspension before you can exploit that power in anything other than a straight line.
    the bandit is a commuter, tourer or a dragster. it ain't no sports bike. you can improve on the stock bike significantly without spending big dollars.
    but there are competitors in the market that allready come with the good bits when purchased new for not much more money
  19. haha. Mez would definitely still want her own bike. The 2 up is more likely to be my kids, with Mez being on there on the odd occasion.

    M109R boulevard looks like a cruiser?? Not my cup of tea. I like corners too much. I'll look into the others mentioned tho.
  20. Do not write off the M109 too soon. If you ride as you described, than there is a good chance it will corner well enough for you. It is definately one of the better cornering cruisers.

    But between the 2 bikes you have mentioned, I would pick the GSX. Yes I am biased as I had one myself, and I also had a 1200 Bandit. The 1400 did everything the bandit did, only better.

    Once you dial in the stock forks and shocks there is quite good handling on offer, I was able to grind away half of my foot pegs, along with the side stand and engine mounts all getting up close and personal with the road at times.

    Pillion comfort it is easily the best bike we (my GF and I) have looked at. She was more than happy to do a 5000km road trip, usually covering an easy 600km a day. I could have gone much longer, but we were just enjoying our holiday.