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GS500's are designed for stationary drops, I swear.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I have dropped mine once before today. Drunk after a half a dozen pints during lunch I went to put it in the loading bay at work. Not riding, just walking it and put it on the stand. Bike falls over.

    Today, I was putting my tinnie into the garage. Put the GS500 right next to the garden ot of the way. Put the trumpy into the garage also out of the way. Start pushing the boat onto the driveway and into the garage when I hear that sound. Fucken tow hitch on the boat trailer has hit the GS500 and put it into the garden.

    Well I'll be fucked but this thing has survived its second stationary drop with no damage. In the last 10 odd years of riding bikes and scoots I have never dropped a bike by my own fault, but in the last 18 months I have put the GS500 on its side twice.
  2. I think the bike is trying to tell you something... :p
  3. I dropped mine while trying to get the bike on the centerstand in the work car park with my dress shoes on (picture), basically all I had to do was take the bottom left fairing off and slot the piece back in and it's barely noticeable now.
  4. Hyosungs are similar. I stat dropped mine 3 or 4 times with no damage.
  5. Need a hint?

    Mine was knocked over by a tosser who couldn't reverse to save himself. Lost half the bike and cost insurance 3k to fix =/
  6. i had to clean out my laundry, so i took my gs out of the carport and parked it beside (the bike was straight up not leaning on the side stand) and the stupid cat jumped on my seat and knocked mine... now it looks like Parker's