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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KadeO, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So, I've basically figured out what I want and have taken all people's opinions on a GS500F in to account.

    Having said that, I did just ask a mate and he said not to go the route of a 500 but rather an older 250 that'll go harder. Personally, I wouldn't mind keeping the 500 when off restrictions as a rounabout, and get a fair weather/weekender big bike.

    Being a fat arse but also a short one at that, I figured it'd be better to go a 500 and have more pull when necessary.

  2. i been riding my gs500 for about 6 months i weight in at 115kg and stand about 6ft so not to short but not overly tall and i still have fun on the gs it may not be as quick as some bikes but it can be belted out to 180 if not a little more although it puts out the same HP as the ninja 250 i would still take the gs it a much nicer ride a lot smoother and even thought it is like 200kg dry it is still pretty flick-able

    so in my opinion go the gs
  3. Sit on it. If you have short legs, you'll want to make sure that it is the right height for you.

    For me, a short ass, the GPX is the right height.
  4. Well there's something I didn't know...makes me rethink the 500 move actually. Now thinking of going for a 96 Hornet 250 I was looking at a few weeks back.

    Have sat on one at the Suzuki dealer in town, the size isn't a problem, I just feel a 250 would be significantly hindered by my lard arse. Or is that just not the case at all?

    The ninja I did my l test on felt okay, but didn't get over 40 kmh. . I don't know!
  5. Test ride a few, go with the one that floats your boat the most.
  6. although there put out almost the same HP the gs is so much nicer at the higher speed

    and all thought you say your a lard arse you will not tell us your wight ?
  7. The GS is a much better option lower rpms on a run and a nicer ride .test ride any 250 and the gs on the same day.
  8. I'm 110, last time I checked anyway.
    That's what I figured on that account. Think I would feel more at ease on the GS
  9. You want the GS500 then. I am just shy of 110, and the GS can move me around ok. I cant say the same for most two fiddys I have ridden.

    Shame your not in Brissie, I have my GS500F up for sale at the moment.
  10. Same as above, the GS will pull you around better and is a great ride. Mines on ebay as upgrading, dirt cheap so grab a bargain!!
  11. What's your ebay user?!
  12. +1 for the GS as a great Lardarse bike.
  13. i've only ridden the cbf250 and the gs500, the 250 struggle to get me up the hills, and pretty rough when it's at highway speed
    no problem with the gs500, can comfortably (and sedately) get up from 60-100 in 5th
    fyi i'm 6'2 and 82kg
  14. Are you on LAMS scheme?
  15. Certainly am, mate. First bike, actually. Only got my licence in June, so pretty keen to get riding
  16. yeah go the gs it hauls my ass around i'm 115 and i had it doing 170 so i can still pull i bet no 250 you try can pull up to that
  17. I got my L's in June also and have been putting about on my GS500 for two weeks now, absolutely loving it. The thing really takes off if you give it some stick in 1st and 2nd but then you have to back it off because your doing 80k's already. It has heaps of torque also and will pick up no worries in top at 60k's.
  18. I've owned both a Hornet 250 (~25k kms), a gs500 (~20k kms) and also currently have a suzuki bandit 250 so hopefully my experience will help.

    I would seriously recommend the GS over the 250/4's. Although they make the same power, the way in which they do so is very different. The GS has a lot more torque available instantly whereas the 250/4 almost feels like you're riding a sling shot in that they need to be wound up to a fairly high rpm before it starts moving decently.

    With a pillion the weight on my GS is only 10-15 kg more than you but it does struggle quite a bit. I would think the 250/4 is almost out of the question due to their lack of torque down low - im not exaggerating when i say that you'd probably not get away with riding it below 8-9k rpm without it bogging down a lot.

    there's also the issue of the GS front forks potentially not being up to the task. they're
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  19. dying of suspense?
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  20. LOL :) @ the_blacke