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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by vaper, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I originally planned on getting a ninja 250r 2011 new but ive been waiting now for almost 4 months for stock. Im sick of getting screwed around. After a few days of research im preety keen on a GS500F new for around $7200 on the road. The thing im not sure about though is if i should buy new or used. It looks like i can save maybe 1- 1.5k on a used one but i have no clue about buying used bikes.

  2. I got a 8/2008 GS500F with just over 10000km on it for $5400, and I'm lovin it. One problem with a brand new bike, especially if you're a learner, is that you'll be gutted if (some cynics will say when) you drop it. Whilst dropping a used bike still won't be a spa session at the Playboy Mansion, the pain might not be quite so intense. I understand the general appearance of the GS500F has changed very little over the last 5 or so years as well, so if it's in good nick, it'll be almost as good as new anyway.
  3. I forgot to mention - I'm consistently told the GS500 engine is practically bulletproof, and mine certainly hasn't shown any signsof drama (touch wood), so I wouldn't be worried about reliability if it has relatively low mileage.
  4. I have a 2009 model GS500F and am very happy with it. I was glad people i knew talked me out of getting a 250cc bike to start with.
    I would have been sick of it quickly.

    Note that the GS500F is a sports/tourer so you will have a slightly more upright seating position than a sports bike.

    I am only 5' 7" so the low seat height on the bike is excellent for me.

    I bought the bike new. i could have paid less for a 2nd hand bike but i prefered the piece of mind that came with the warranty.

    good luck with whatever your choose
  5. I bought one new about 2 years. Use it as a daily commuter. Plenty off balls for day to day use and when my trumpy got flogged use it for a weekend trip out west. Seat is a bit hard for long distance stuff. All round its pretty hard to beat in the value for money department. Mine has not had a problem yet.

    If you intend to upgrade it after restrictions are up, then buy a second hand one.
  6. Another benefit of buying new - you spend the first 1000k breaking in the engine by riding nice and slow getting to learn the bike and riding and then once you get confidence you can begin to push the boundaries. It's a nice bike to cruise around in 4-5k rev band but great when you open it up to 7k for some grin stuff. (I bought my naked 2010 GS500 for the same reason - just knew I'd get bored with a 250 too quickly.)
  7. What speed can i achieve at 5500 rpm in top gear as i notice this is the max rpm for break for the break in
  8. Ride a proper 250cc bike (a 4cylinder) and they're not that much slower than the 500 and the lack of vibrations makes them much nicer engines for sporty riding up in the higher revs. If you're heavy though the two-fiddy probably wouldn't cut it though.

    5500-5550 rpm gets 105kmph real speed on my bike, it has a sprocket change though so stock would probably be a bit higher.
  9. 60km/h at 4th 4k~4.5k rpm