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  1. Hi all, potentially buying my first bike this weekend. Ive been scouring classifieds etc to find a good deal and have found a pretty decent deal.

    Its a 2009 model just over 5,000km 1 owner all seems good, slight scratch on the fairing and some damage to the indicator. This is due to a stationary drop the seller says. Another problem whcih is more concerning is that there is no service history. Current owner has said that he is a mechanic (isnt everyone?) and he did the first service himself and checked it over every so often. He is selling it as he has bought another bike as the gs500 wasnt good with a him and his wife on it...self proclaimed heavy weights and all.

    Anyway, my question is that is this much of a problem? I have no idea about bikes and Im sort of flying blind here. The price is very good though.
  2. Oh and it would be much appreciated if people have knowledge of what to look out for on these bikes.
  3. I own a 2009 gs500, 2 stationary drops, no service history.

    Stationary drops are:
    1) pissed as a mute putting bike into loading bay at work. No damage other than slight fairing crack near indicator.
    2) pushed my tinnie into it and bike fell into garden, no damage.

    No service history:
    Had 2 services, 6000 and 12000 (has only done 10000km) neither are written into a book.

    At 5000km the bike is near new. Only service required on km basis is first service which I think is 1000km. After that its every 6000km's or 12 months. I bought my GS500 just over 12 months ago, buts its a 2009 model.

    Bike is probably fine. GS500's are a tough bike. Go take a look at it, and if your worried get a mechanic to give it a once over.
  4. I had a GS500FK9 (2009 plated) and had Suzuki do the 1000km service (essentially it was an oil change, lube & adjust the chain and inspect/tighten the bolts) and the 6000km service. Got over paying ~$400 for something I could do myself for around $100 (plugs, oil and filters) plus time and did the following two services myself before trading the bike in. I simply kept hold of the receipts for the parts and put them in the service book.

    These bikes are fairly bullet-proof and easy to work on yourself. The only problem I had during this time was rubbing through the horn wire on the frame causing the main fuse to short out (was a bugger to find the source of that problem).

    A GS500F with only 5000km on it should be pretty much a new bike although I'd be changing the oil & filter for piece of mind once you buy it.
  5. Congratulations mate ! Many in here have started out/immensely enjoyed the GS500/F, even at intermediate/later stages of riding. A very versatile, fun, easy and economical bike to ride, in addition to it being a fantastic platform to enhance ones riding skills and/or enjoy effortless long-range riding/touring.

    Have fun and hope to see you out there sometime :)