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GS500f Vs. VTR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smidge, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. VTR250

  2. GS500F

  3. Neither, I'd buy a Virago

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  1. these seem to be two of the more popular learner legal bikes

    i was hoping for some points for and against both bikes and why you would take one over the other...

    for comparisons sake, lets say they are both late model, made in the last 3 years...
  2. Before I bought my VTR, I was tossing up between the VTR and Virago and decided on the VTR because of all the positive (and zero negative) comments people made about the bike.

    Do a search on all three bikes and read a few posts and I'm sure you will agree.

    Only been riding for just under a month now, but love my little beast.
  3. I dunno 'cause I haven't ridden the GS yet.

    Edit: but yeah the VTR is an absolute dream learner bike that's still buckets of fun when you've got your skills up.
  4. there's that issue of not really being able to test ride a whole heap of bikes when you're starting out, which is partly why i'm hoping to hear from people who own both... or even better, have ridden both and can spot some big differences
  5. I've ridden both, only for 20 or so minutes each time though. The vtr is definitely willing, and pulls unexpected well at low speed. The GS though has very similar power just off idle though :LOL: Well ok not quite, but the power is stronger down low on the gs, obviously since its twice the capacity. I found the gs bars alot higher..

    GS has a much bigger tank and fuel range. Despite being double the cc, the GS is usually about the same price for same year/condition/etc.
  6. i have no experience with the GS so far, but i can see some advantages on paper:

    GS: bigger tank, fairings (if you're not worried about dropping it)

    VTR: Lighter, Vtwin torque + compactness

    i would guess that the GS would be a bit more pleasant on long trips right? and the VTR better for nipping in and around traffic...
  7. GS500 has nearly double the torque of the VTR250 because its double the capacity. I would get the GS500 if you plan to keep your first bike for awhile. If you plan to get rid of it straight after restrictions then it could go either way. The GS500 would be more comfortable at HWY speeds I would think because of the extra 250cc it has over the VTR250
  8. i find myself sitting on 80 much more often than darting through traffic in the city, the vtr gives me a sore ass, just doesn't feel right for my frame
  9. turning and braking are two basic areas the vtr shits all over the gs. Line the pair of them up and there will not be much in it to 100. But hey the gs500f looks like a gixxer right?
  10. I think the gs500f is kinda ugly.. perhaps its the combo of upright with the gix pointy style front. I know I'd be happier having low revvs on a freeway (gs), than revving a fair amount more on the vtr.

    Both are more than capable though.
  11. Depends on the type of riding you want to do.

    If you want to ride sportsbikes, cornering at speed in the twisties then go for the VTR.

    If your bike is to be used as a tourer and commuter then go for the GS.

    If you plan to keep the bike hidden in the shed and not ride at all until you can legally ride a Harley, then get a Virago. :)
  12. The VTR will happily rev its tits off for long periods of time, but with the bizzare and unexplainable 80kph limit that NSW learners have to adhere to I dare say neither bike will ever have to rev hard.
  13. Bad points

    gs500f = much higher greenslip price / not much more performance
    vtr250 = no tacho on older models sux / no wind protection
  14. the only reason you'd want a GS500f is if most of your riding was freeway riding. i really dont understand why people think the protection of a fairing is so important? maybe at 150+ but at 110 its a bees dick. :roll:
  15. I don't really like the look of the faired GS500. I like the naked look better if I had to choose! The VTR250 is lighter by a fair amount so as people said it should corner better?

  16. thanks for that link mr gash in the night, very informative