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GS500F Tip Over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by boxman, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Hey Folks,

    Overbalanced the bike the other day in the driveway (hazards of short legs), anyhoo, I pushed the indicator through the fairing, the indicator is fine but the fairing is cracked.

    Would like some suggestions on best way to fix it

    Thanks to all in advance
  2. My wife did the very same thing to her GS500F a few weeks ago. I feel for you - she (and I) were shattered... her bike was just about brand new.

    $2900 damage... yep - you read that right!

    We paid out $550 excess to AAMI, and they authorised Mick Hone to do all of the repairs. No sweat - they were great.

    They replaced EVERYTHING with so much as a scratch (top fairing, clutch lever, bar end, indicator, mirror, left hand side fairing, gear lever, footpeg, centrestand..... the list goes on!) with a brand new, genuine item.



    Got the bike back yesterday, and it looks just like new again.


    Do you have full comp insurance?

    If so, maybe go down that route - how new is the bike and what is it's condition otherwise?

    Failing that, maybe some plastic welding and painting?

    Or, I understand you can get cheap Chinese fairings to suit.

    From memory the genuine Suzuki top fairing that houses the indicator was about $500...
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  4. *sigh*

    Bullshit cost of fairings from the manufacturer + ridiculous labor for monkeys to turn screws in Australia = $2900

    Get a $500 replacement fairing from China, full kit, do it yourself, easy fix.
  5. Agreed. My hubby bought a fairing kit from China for his Fireblade for just over $700. Fitted it himself.

    Looks amazing!
  6. Since people are giving Mick a good rap another +1 from me as all my dealings with him and his staff have been nothing but pleasant.
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  8. you could try getting a solderer and some chicken wire for backing and try to plastic weld and melt the chicken wire into the plastic as a reinforcement backing as a cheap fix.
    Then clear resin seal the crack on the painted side.
  9. $2900 for a drop? What the hell... :-O
    Buy a naked bike and spend $4 repairing the scratches with paint.

    OP: Do you have any plastic welders near you? if it's just a small crack that could be a good option.
  10. We could have gotten away with around $500 to replace the cracked top fairing, and put up with a few scratches on left fairing, indicator, mirror, alternator cover, suzuki badge on said cover, gear shift, stand, foot peg, etc.... but as the bike was only a few weeks old at the time, the insurer agreed without hesitation to the $2900 quote, as they agreed that the bike should be returned to absolutely new condition with genuine parts.

    I'm glad they did.


    There's a plug for AAMI there for being decent and for Mick Hone for looking after us with a quick turn around on the quote and good work on the fix.