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GS500F Staintune Exhaust - Just fitted

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by slik50, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Just a quick about the new exhaust I got for my bike.

    I ordered a staintune exhaust for my bike just after Christmas and finally got it fitted yesterday.

    I chose this particular brand because I didn't want to mess around with rejetting etc.

    Anyway the best part about the pipe is the removable baffle. I picked up the bike and rode it home with the baffle in. The volume was similar to the old pipe but the note less tinny than standard.

    Without the baffle it idles more loudly but really comes alive when you crack the throttle beyond one quarter. The baffle can be put back anytime for times when you want the bike to be quiet like rego inspections.

    From a performance perspective, there is not really any noticeable power inprovement but rather a more crisp throttle response. (that could also be my imagination though).

    It was a little expensive at $750 fitted but I'm happy.
  2. Sounds good.

    I was thinking about getting an exhaust for mine, but dunno how long i'll keep it when i'm off my p's...

    So you rekon no noticable power increase?
  3. Why would you not need to rejet it? Any exhaust that is more free flowing than the original and you will need to rejet a GS500 - otherwise it will be running very lean. I suggest you have a read of all the info on the GS500 Wiki and GS500 forum - definitely needs a rejet unless it's no more free flowing than the original and only for sound.

    I'm putting a full exhaust (headers+muffler) and twin K&N filters on mine soon, along with a mandatory rejet.

    Standard they are: Pilot 17.5, Mid Main 60, Main 130
    With an exhaust and filters you need pilot 22.5, mid-main 65, main 147.5

    With exhaust only probably 137-142 main.

    Have a read of the upgrades section here:

    and the forum here: http://www.gstwin.com/
  4. Yeah, I thought I would have to rejet with any pipe. But the fact that a reject is not neccessary is one of the staintune selling point on the website. Basically they don't change the backpressure. Because I was not really looking for power I was not too concerned.

    I was not looking for power moreso a little more road presence particularly for pedestrians and people opening doors on the street. I don't neccessarliy believe in the "load pipes save lives" stuff but thought a little more noise couldn't be too bad. (We'll see if my neighbours agree this time next week :LOL: )

    And for the record definitely no real power improvement with this pipe.

    Having said all of that I'll keep an eye on it and let everyone know if it runs lean and I end up rejetting anyway.

    How much will your setup cost including the air filter and rejet?

  5. Rob, that makes sense :) Chromed headers + Magnum muffler $750 from http://www.formula1mc.com.au/. Twin K&N's (remove air box) $80 each. Jets are only a few dollars each. Not sure if I'm going to have a crack at the jets myself or pay the shop to do it. I'm buying a few different sizes so it can be fine tuned if necessary.

    I have to wait a few weeks before I can do it as they are out of the headers so they have to make another set then set then out to be chromed etc.
  6. You may find that there is no power increase as it is running too lean. If you rejetted to suit you might pick up some power. From everything I've read when you put an exhaust on these bikes they run so lean that you can't even rev them at full throttle past 6-7,000 without problems. Have you tried full throttle to 10k since you put it on?
  7. Drew,

    I checked out the link, It looks like you wil have a really nice setup when it's all done.

    I'll see how lean mine runs and go from there. I'll be interested to hear how yours goes after the mods.

  8. Thanks Rob - will do a thread about it when all done - hopefully will be good. I forgot to mention I'm also doing a 15 tooth front sprocket which will help with acceleration.