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GS500F - reving really high.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shady_knife, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. left my bike out in the rain for about an hour yesterday and now its reving really high. when i start it it starts at bout 1.7 (where it sits normally) then steadily rises to about 3-4, when i put it in first it stays at about that, but it does go higher at times (highest its sat at is about 6). i'm guessing its not good for the bike, and it makes me look like a total reject as im sitting at the lights with the bike revved heaps.

    so what are some probable causes? how easy is it to fix? could this be a problem that fixes itself?

  2. Could be your choke cable is sticking and keeping the choke on, even when the handlebar lever is 'off'. Suggest removing the tank and checking that the choke mechanism is working correctly. If not, lubricate the bits under the tank, also the choke cable from the handlebar end.
  3. Ya, also if the revvs go up/down when you move the handlebars from full lock left to right thats also indicator of choke issue.
  4. sticky cable..
    based on age / use / weather abuse, is probably rusted up and full of crap. take the cable off and flush with WD. then lube and replace (in the right place).
    trouble free choking is your reward.
  5. Same thing can also happen if you have a vacuum leak.