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GS500F review - My first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Alistair, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. So I've had my bike for around 9 months now, time to write a few comments about is from a new rider perspective.

    Ended up picking up a 2012 model with only 400km's on it, the lady I purchased off really didn't ride it much. In the 9 months I've had it I've put 4000km's on it and so far this thing doesn't have a scratch, looks like it just rolled out of the factory.

    So for no problems that have stopped me riding, I've had to push start a few times due to a dying battery, but the upside is I learnt how to push start it so not a bad thing. The engine is very simple, and being air cooled there is less to go wrong. I know water cooled bikes can make more power, but when it's a restricted LAMS bike it doesn't really matter.

    Suitable for a Learner
    Absolutely, more than enough power and torque, can easily pull away from everyone at the lights, but I choose my battles, if I filter I don't pull in front of an SS or XR6 Turbo etc. It actually has the perfect amount of power if you just wanted to commute. Will cruise at 120 kp/h easily with more to give.

    Fuel economy
    My calculations are 4.85 L/100km, that is with 35% freeway and 65% main arterial roads in peak hour. It has a 20L tank so I am hitting 320km's before switching to reserve for a total range of 410 km but as it's missing a fuel gauge I probably wouldn't push beyond 350 km.

    I like the way it handles, brakes are acceptable and it's easy enough to filter through traffic on suburban roads, I'm not too game to filter in the city as it seems a tad wide. The front forks are too soft, which means if you jump on the front brake the nose dives more than it should.

    Things missing
    A gear indicator
    A clock (why wouldn't they include one!)
    A fuel gauge (not that necessary once you figure out the fuel consumption, i.e. fill up at 280 and never worry about it)

    Would I recommend
    Yep, decent looking bike, a proper size, cheap easy maintenance and you won't get bored in 3 months....though you will be bored in 6!

    I'll be selling this in March next year and will be shopping for my next bike. Overall the GS500F is a good bike, but I want something faster.
  2. Nice one, so what are u buying next ?
  3. Have you tried heavier fork oil?
  4. As a previous owner of a GS500 who just sold his bike yesterday, I think your review sums it up well. It was a great introduction to motorcycling and it did take me those 6 months to get bored of it before I decided to change things up.

    I never found the soft forks to be a real issue sure they dive a bit under braking but the bike still pulls up fine.

    I had 8000 trouble free kms since April. All up I found it a great bike to learn on. Easy to control but with enough power and torque to enjoy the bike.
  5. when I had my GS new stiffer springs in front forks and heavier oil made a world of difference
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  6. That little tap you have that changes from 'On' to 'Reserve' is your fuel gauge. Ride it in the 'On' position until it starts to cough, reach down and twist to 'Reserve' then seek fuel. Just remember to flick it back to 'On' after filling, or the next time it coughs and splutters you will be puching, but you'll only do that once or twice before you are very conscious of it.
  7. I have read that this LAMS bike has its power "restricted", to either 33hp, 46hp or 51.3hp, depending which source you look at.
    I've also read the motor "is half a GSX-R 1000", which produce 185hp.
    Can you fit a new chip to unrestrict it and get the 90+ horses from the 500?
  8. Both these statements are incorrect and have nothing to do with GS500 motorcycle
  9. Thinking about a Z1000 and also the MT09 probably will come down to insurance costs, but something a bit more modern will be the go.

    Not really game to start messing around with it to be honest, and I don't want to pay someone to change the springs seeing as I will only be keeping it for another 5 months or so, better to put that cash towards the next bike.
  10. I hear it is restricted with some sort of manual system, but yeah no point mucking around with it, I know I won't be keeping the bike so may as well keep it as a learner for someone else.
  11. Z1000 ? Your on the right track there. Miss mine heaps. Flamin killer bike. Just go up a tooth on front sprocket.
  12. My understanding of the LAMS concept, is that you could buy a bigger bike that would be good enough to keep; no need to upgrade after full licence. Some larger capacity bikes were 'de-tuned' to meet the LAMS spec requirements.

    If I use the same source for all the info;
    Suzuki GS500F produces 35.1kw ( 47hp). The bore x stroke is 74 x 56.6 mm, with a compression ratio of 9:1
    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gs500f 04.htm
    The Suzuki GSX-R 1000 produces 138 kW (185.1 hp). The bore x stroke is 73.4 x 59 mm, with a compression ratio of 12.5:1
    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gsxr1000 07.htm
    OK DenV; can now see that the basic design of the GS500 is a lower-output motor, not a chip-restricted thing.
    The claim that the motor is "a half of the GSX-R 1000 powerplant" is clearly wrong; source:
  13. The lams idea was to get away from 250cc which tend to be revvy which are harder for learners to ride than a torquier bike.

    Never heard of wanting people not to upgrade that would be silly as it would mean less sales tax. No government wants that
  14. Well that's it for the GS500F, sold it over the weekend. Great first bike and I highly recommend it. After riding it for over a year it's the perfect learner bike.

    Resale value was superb, only lost $500 for 16 months of riding.
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  15. Hi Alistair,

    Can you pls tell me what you got for it?
  16. Hi Mick, sold for $5000.