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GS500F or GT650R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nunya42, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Suzuki GS 500 F

  2. Hyosung GT 650 R

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  1. Background - Just got my L's and am considering only purchasing one bike for the long run.

    Suzuki - GS500F


    Hyosung - GT650R

    Apparently the Suzuki GS500F is just as powerful as the Hyosung and well I am after some other peoples personal experience before deciding on either one of these bikes.

  2. On paper Hyosung should be a better bike, but in practice there is this question mark hanging above it in respect of its build quality that just doesn't seem to go away, especially when it comes to the 650s (most people seem happy with their 250s).

    I vote GS500 because it's been around forever, it's a known quantity and I'm conservative that way.
  3. mate look, read some of the posts on this website regarding the varying quality of the hyosungs. i personally wouldnt touch them. but an unrestricted gt650 would be MUCH quicker than the GS. i found the GS500f when i rode it boring, heavy and slow, but thats just me. aircooled parralel twin, reliable as anything, easy on the juice, happyier to go at freeway speeds than a 250. the only disadvantage over the two fiddy other than weight is rego costs, which i found to be ridiculously higher once you go over 300cc (nsw). maybe something to consider.
    im sure youll get a lot of positive feedback on the GS500. alot of guys here have them and are very happy with them.
    anyway best of luck with it.


  4. Cheers Buddy, i think I am slowly heading in the direction of the GS500f, as I am stuck on My Learners, and ultimatly will prob end up trading it in for something more powerful, it sounds like and alright bike, just doesnt look too crash hot. Anyways the bike will be used for predominatly freeway driving, between Sydney & Gosford Daily.. Thanks for your help..
  5. HI there, I just bought a hyosung GT650R, still breaking it in the first 500kms. So far i rode 100kms in 2 days, lots of short trips around the place to break it inh etc. I upgraded from a CBR250 and i am quite happy with it, handles well, lots of oomph power seems quite user friendly so i'll see how it goes.

  6. if u get a houysung buy some touch and paint the paint job on it is loosey having said that is will eat the GS500 ive rideen the gs and i own at GT650.