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GS500F oil usage - conflicting opinions

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mick M, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    Just bought a mint 2012 model and have come across this topic all over the interweb.

    Some are adamant that ALL GS500's use oil, while others dispute that claim. I'm so CONFOOOOSED!

    Just looking for some personal experiences from my fellow Netriders/GS500 owners, please...

    Also, I know Suzuki recommend 10-40W oil. (It's printed on the oil filler cap, for God's sake!)
    However, in Melbourne, for punting around the hills / sport touring, is 15-50W mineral oil acceptable?

  2. The acceptable oil viscosities will be listed in the service manual and probably in the owner's manual and vary depending on ambient temperature range. If the heavier oil is noted as being acceptable for the temperature range you're riding in then you're good to go. My DL650 takes 10W40 by default but also lists up to 20W50 for the sort of temperatures we get here in summer. A 15W50 bike oil (or at least an oil that's not marked as "energy saver", "friction modified" or "contains PTFE") should be fine.
  3. I'll be filling mine with motorcycle compatible 15w50 semi-synth diesel tomorrow morning :popcorn: :popcorn:
    By the book even 20w50 should be fine assuming you don't head up to Falls Creek in winter.
  4. Mine is a 2004 and uses oil. I've heard the same about this being normal. The suzuki service guys have said that it's normal and even as a new bike that would not be considered abnormal. I guess I am just used to cars and them normally not using much if any oil. If i had to guess, every 1000 km or so I put in about 250ml but I've never really kept track of how much it uses.
  5. Fark, 250ml / 1000km, that seems a lot. Not that I have any idea if its normal or not. My CB uses zero oil between changes (maybe 4K) that I can see in the sight glass.
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    They use oil, particularly if you flog them.
    A few years back, one P plater had a brand new one on my Oxley ride, and he was wringing it's neck for about 80km, then got fuel, wrung it's neck for about 30 more km, and then it just started losing power. He pulled over when it stalled and had no idea why...
    Siezed solid! rebuild time.

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  7. Mine doesn't seem to get through much, surprising in a good way. Might have topped it up once between 20k and 24k. I don't baby it either, ymmv.
  8. I was just looking back through that thread I linked to, and there were 4 GS500's on that ride weekend, all used considerable amounts of oil.
  9. You're not alone

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  10. On my last ride with my mate on his GS500, We road 1800km at 100-110km/hr. At the end of the trip his GS500 was 50mls down on oil. Where my 250 honda was working much harder and in the 1800kms burnt 450mls of oil. If you are going to flog an air cooled bike, it will use oil.
  11. On that note, it's also worth using a heavier oil in an air cooled bike anyway. 20-50 would probably be my go to.
  12. Maybe it's my riding style but haven't noticed a drop in oil for the 4kkms I've had my '03. Reminds me it's probably time to check though
  13. Mine has used a little at times, I think it depends on how hard I work it.
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  14. Thanks everyone for the info.

    I'll keep an eye on the oil usage and take my riding style into account to keep it in perspective.
  15. I have added around 350ml since it's service about 1000kms ago.
  16. It could be worse. You could be riding a 2-smoker like a KR250 with leaking crank seals. Now THAT goes through some oil and it STINKS!
    I had one doing exactly that. They used gear oil in the transmission case and it would get sucked into the combustion chamber when the crank seals got old. Thankfully the shop I bought it from, Morris Motorcycles in Orange, were super helpful and fixed it for me for free as I'd only just bought the bike from them. Bit grumpy to talk to but they sure did me a huge favour with that bike and I'm forever grateful and look to give them business when I can. Still miss it, even though it did throw me on the ground on black ice.
  17. Wow!

    Is it possible they under filled it? If not, that's a lot of oil in 1000k's...
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    who knows. I agree, it does seem a lot. That was at about 56900kms, I'll post again at the end of the week...
  19. I checked my oil tonight and was at just above half. It's done nearly 600km and I put in 250ml
  20. My "rule of thumb" has always been if it is using half a litre of oil to go 1000Kays, it is seriously time to start shopping for a rebuild. I'll swap viscosities 15-40 to 20-50 as soon as it is using much at all (and shorten oil change intervals) 20-60 when it hits half a litre per 1000 and if it is a litre per thou, I have left that rebuild go (or kept the bike) too long. NB changing to heavier oil - slightly longer warm up times. Anything over 50,000 kays on a smaller, air cooled engine between rebuilds is a pretty good run.

    When buying a secondhand bike, always factor in the cost of a rebuild when purchasing. OK to ignore it as a factor on bikes with under 8-10k (except for trail bikes) but if it has 40K+ Count it in. The bike needs to be cheap.