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GS500F not starting - my fault!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by The Joker, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi there all,
    I feel like a goose as i have clearly done something wrong and am looking for some assistance as to where to start.

    I have a 2008 GS500F and as i have been working over that last 6 weekends and odd days and locations between, i have not started the bike in about 6 weeks.

    The battery i had was a bit dodgy anyway but it wouldnt start so i thought i'd jump it off the car. No good, big spark and now i have nothing, no accessories, horn etc.
    The fuse is ok and i have gone and purchased a new battery but still the same result?

    Can anyone give me any hints as to where to start or what i should check before i strip the entire thing to start testing wires etc?


  2. Are you sure you connected the car battery up to the correct terminals on the bike battery?

    And is your bike fuel injected?
  3. fuse box was the advice last time someone posted a similar story... when you say you've checked the fuse, which ones have you checked?
  4. +1 to the_blacke Check the main fuse which is generally in the starter solenoid. Left side when sitting on the motorcycle just under the front left side of the seat. There should be a 30 amp fuse.
  5. It'll be a fuse, sounds like the one cjvfr has pointed out.

    Let it be a lesson to roll start your bike in future if the battery is flat! Where practical of course. How did you connect the jumpers out of interest? Please don't tell me you connected it to the positive and negative terminals on your bike?
  6. how the**** esla would you do it
  7. You connect to the positive and negative onto the battery of supply vehicle (so the vehicle you are sourcing power from), but the vehicle being jump started should have the positive jumper connected to the positive terminal on the battery, and the negative onto any solid earth point to the frame/chassis.

    Connecting the negative jumper lead to the negative terminal on the vehicle to be jumped is bad for both the battery and the electrical systems on said vehicle. Causes problems like The Joker here has experienced.
  8. i worked in a bike shop for a few months and never hread that one and i don't think there would really be any point on a gs500 that you could earth out thought
  9. I know a few qualified auto-elecs that work on cars and bikes every day that have issues after people misuse the jumper leads. Ideally the jumper leads should even be fused, but most aren't. Luckily on bikes like the GS there isn't much more to blow than a fuse, some luxury cars on the other hand can have entire electrical systems wiped out costing an absolute fortune from a moments ill made decision.

    Edit: For the record I've jumped a GS before (using my own GS as a source in fact) on multiple occasions using the fore-mentioned method and have never once run into problems.
  10. yeah i seen that happened a guy tryed to jump start his $110000 bmw and hooked the +to the - and the - to the + blow the whole car up pretty much
  11. You can jump start a gs500 off a battery charger. In fact I did that just last week!!!
  12. Hi there all,

    Thanks for the advice guys, very grateful for your help.
    It was a fuse as i suspected from the start, there is a 20amp fuse that i did not see previously in my "For F*^ks Sake" rage!
    It is located on the RHS where the fuse that you can see is. It is encased and you have to seperate the male/female terminal to change it.
    Long story short, have to take the rear tail off to get to it properly but once changed, started no dramas.

    To answer the question of did i jump terminal to terminal, yes i did but i will make note not to do that again. Cheers for the heads up.

    Once again, thanks for the help.

  13. If you happen to live in a hilly area, the GS jump starts a treat in second gear. One of the few times I have been grateful my driveway is up a steep hill was when I left the heated handgrips on overnight on the old gs500...
  14. Don't you mean bump, not jump?
    Jump start is with another vehicle/battery and jumper leads to connect them.
    Bump start is push or roll down a hill and release clutch with the bike in gear and ignition on, synonymous with push start.
  15. yeah, well I guess I meant roll/bump start.

    I can't even claim caffeine deprivation, I've had 4 coffees today. How can I get out of this? Hmmmm...

    The OP shouldn't even have a GS500 coz they don't have ABS, and I heard someone tell someone that their cousin's boyfriend's sister's uncle's step-son had a bike with ABS and that he could use it to stop mid corner without even having to stand the bike up it just stopped dead on a 45 degree angle and the ABS held it in place and it was AWESOME.

    And Kurt Curbain was a tosser: Rick Astley is the best musician of all time.