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GS500F Luggage queries

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by msjrules03, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. GS500F Luggage queries + Helmet question

    I dont have any experience in buying luggage for a Bike before, and when a salesman told me it would fit my bike before even seeing it or being told the model i thought it would be better to ask around.

    My model is a Suzuki GS500F 2010 model.

    Im going to use the luggage for later this year, hoping to carry a laptop, couple of hard drives and work clothes and casual clothes.

    My question is, are there any specific luggage handler thingies for the gs500f or are there universal ones that can be setup for this bike.

    Money aint much of a problem, but I would rater buy Value than Brand.

    I would rather have the bags at the rear of the Vehicle and not on the tank, and I dont mind if they sit on the Pillion seat or hang on the sides


    I forgot to add that I am also in the market for a new helmet, my current KBC use too be good enough for me as I only commuted 5KM to work, but now I do alot of long rides and the wind noise is starting to get too me.

    I have been looking at a Vision-R for 429 delivered for peterstevens, im wondering if there is another helmet around the same price that has better/similar features. Such as the Flick down Sunvisor
  2. Ventura have a good range of products and racks that will suit that lets you put a bag behind the seat..
    Large range of panniers available too.

    An other alternative I used at a good price with my gs500f is this motodry rear bag for trips to Sydney, Snowy, etc and had it over the pillion seat.
    It comes with straps you can tie it down with or even better it has a flap that go under the seat so it can't be removed without the key.

    Only bad thing about having bag across the pillion seat is it's harder to get your leg over the seat.
    Not as flexible as I was when younger :p

    Good luck with it all..

    Here's my then GS500f ready for my weekend away where I met our Sydney netrider cousins..

  3. Are the any online stores that sell the model

    looks good, i still have a month before i need mine so i'll wait for other responses before i jump the gun

    Wish my bike was your colour scheme, mine is the opposite of yours.

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    I use a Kriega US20. Never actually used it to carry a laptop, but I'm guessing it would fit a 15" laptop. I'll check it out when I get home.
  5. i use a 36lt Oxford 'first time' tailbag which straps under the seat and hooks onto the luggage pins. I had a 2009 gs500f
    this bag is expandable
    cost $50

    basing on what you intend on carrying I think you would need something bigger.

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  7. A company called Coocase make hard top-boxes, lockable, waterproof and alarmed and also have brake lights in it. 46 litres, enough to easily fit a laptop and a backpack or two helmets. I'll take some photos of it a bit later

    If you want, PM Miraz, he was previous owner who did all the mods to it :)


    Found it
  8. Just tried it. Laptop fits fine and there's still plenty of room for a couple of hard drives, and a set of clothes or two. If properly secured, they won't budge even on bumpy roads. You just gotta be sure to let the air out before rolling down the top.

    I was actually thinking to get the US30 myself, but decided to get the US20 anyway and was surprised how much I can fit in there. I've managed to fit in 2 lunch boxes, a scarf, wallet, pack of mint, mobile etc, work clothes, a pair of runners and a spare visor. Had to squash the runners, but that's what I always do when packing them up anyway.

    Best of all, the bag's main compartment is completely waterproof. The front zip-up compartment is not though. AND, the bag and straps etc held up pretty well in my lowside this morning. My lunch was a mess, but the lunch boxes (glassware) were intact. Although I would assume hard drives will have their internal components damaged.

    It's probably the best purchase I've made since the bike itself. I highly recommend it :)
  9. Hard: generally good water resistance without additional covers. Contents/luggage not easily removed from bike. Doesnt look like an easy target.

    Soft: usually needs additional cover for rainy conditions. Easily removed from bike by you or a thief.

    Is it for commuting? You could get a seat bag to do what you want, just make sure it has a rain cover and if you take a laptop put it in a drybag in the wet, just in case.