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GS500F- Front Suspension Upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ayo Kano, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. So as many know the GS500 has very soft suspension and as posted all over the vast internet one of the best upgrades for this bike is the suspension.. so myself and a fellow GS rider decided to do it! to start off with i spent alot of time search the net for how to's and after alot of reading i was concerned and freaking out than i figured screw it im going for it.. the plan was to do the spring change without taking the front forks off.. that just seemed like a crazy amount of hassle.. after changing the first spring it was all cruise from there.. this is how it went :)

    1. Ordered new springs - spring choice was Sonic Springs.. Slightly cheaper than RaceTech. http://www.sonicsprings.com/

    2. Acquire Fork Oil - We Decided to go with a Motul Medium 10W

    3. Undo the handle bars and move them out the way of the fork caps

    4. Undo 1 fork caps so you can remove packer than washer than spring. (Only do 1 Fork at a time, Also will need a Extendable Magnet to Remove everything)

    5. Remove the old oil out of the fork, using a syphon hose/pump, we also used a rachet strap to pull the front end down to full compression to get all the oil out. (This is probably the hardest part).

    6. The new springs are longer than the old ones so we measured the length of the old spring with the washer and the packer, than removed the old spring and add the new spring, measured the length and the extra length we cut off the packer (which is a metal pipe).

    7. making sure to file the cut edge smooth and removing any metal filings or swarf.

    8. drop the new sonic spring in the fork than added the oil into the fork over the spring (In my GS which we done first we removed 225ml of oil from each fork, so we put 225ml back in)

    9. Put the Washer back in ontop of Spring, followed by packer ontop of washer.. than you need to compress the spring down a bit and screw the fork cap back on **** BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO CROSS THREAD THE CAP****

    10. Than Repeat this Process on the second Fork.. in our case another 3 times :)

    Here are some pictures
    New Springs

    The Rigs and getting ready

    The Hose and pump to suck the fork oil out and we also used the suringe to squirt the new fork oil back in

    New Spring and old spring

    Old Spring and the Cut off from the packer + New Spring and Packer Ready to Roll

    Cutting the Packer

    The hardest process.. removing the old fork oil
  2. New Oil Back in ontop of the new spring

    Compressing the front end down

    The mess i made by accident lol

    The Stickers adding extra horsepower :p
  3. the spacer you cut is used for pre-load.

    more pre-load longer spacer
    less pre-load shorter spacer

    i recommend you find out the proper sag for you and your bike not just cutting the to match the length of the old setup as it will be wrong.
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  4. went for are run on the putty road yesterday.. was insanely awesome
  5. nice work, GS500s def need suspension upgrades to be good sports riding bikes. my mate (toadcat) has GSX750 forks on his (im sure he will post here soon). and apparently it makes it into a fully different bike that is actually good to ride.
  6. make sure you do this.

    oh and to make things more confusing, the oil volume will be different now with the new springs and shorter spacers. as with a shorter spacer there is more total volume available for fluid, and a taller spacer will have less volume.

    so a change to the size of the spacer will effect the oil level, and beause of that the bottoming resistance and the end of the suspension stroke will change.

    suspension aint simple.
  7. it is crazy thats for sure, but i guess you get the best response from riding it.. lol and so fair so good
  8. Isn't that an oil-drain screw on the bottom of the fork leg? I'd be surprised if there wasn't one there somewhere. All good bikes have 'em :wink: