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Gs500f fenderectomy legality?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by rhys84au, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i finaly settled on my first bike and picked it up on the 23rd of dec.

    i bought the bike with a fenderectomy already done on the bike but afterwards ive seen people discuss fender eliminators on here and how the cops (qld in particular) basicaly love to rail riders with fines/defect notices on them.

    so i was wondering how the fenderectomy fits? i realise its not the 45 degree but its also not a completely erradicated fender.

    wont bother me to buy a new fender and fit it.. they were pretty cheap from what my research has shown however i find it unusual that the store i bought it from could get a safety and new rego for the bike if it was illegal?

    ill attach a pic for reference... my main concern however is that i get a couple of hundred k's out of town on a trip from brisbane to gladstone then get pinged for a defect.. iam thinking just for the safe side fitting a stock is wise.


  2. You'll probably be ok, it's not worth worrying about unless it happens, if it does, you have 7 days to rectify the situation (assuming your laws are the same as Vic in terms of Unroadworthy vehicle)

    Whether it is unroadworthy depends upon the mood of the tester/copper/RTA person on that particular day.

    FWIW, my TRX has about the same amount of fender left, passed RWC no worries & I've never been pulled over for it, mainly because it looks stock, as yours does.

    Fender eliminators tend to look a lot more sparse & obviously aftermarket, not to mention the indicators are usually mounted just slightly wider than the numberplate.
  3. so if its classed as a defect its not imemdietly off the road but i can ride it away and get it fixed within 7 days?

    guessing ill need someone thats been pinged for this before in qld to pipe in here :)
  4. That's how it works here in vic, but checkout the Queensland RTA website, all the info should be on there.
  5. For the record I passed rw with this rear fender "chop" on my bandit.


    As mentioned it totally depends on who's the one pulling you over.. Just have to weigh up the risk of getting done an paying the price vs the chance of getting someone who actually notices/cares.. In my opinion it was worth it.
  6. By the time you sit on it you will be close to 45 degrees anyway....
  7. If you ride past the cops on the back wheel it would probably be at 45 degrees. \\:D/

    Seriously though I wouldn't worry about it. I've been pulled over by police in QLD for RBTs and they have inspected my bike with a tail chop and I've never been questioned.

    But if you are worried you could just make a bracket from the number plate and sit a reflector on the end.
  8. not a bad idea, iam all for the extra visibility anyway so maybe the extra 2 inches i could get from a reflector will be good.
  9. I can't verify personally, but I hear from both the forums and riders in person that if you're anywhere near Glorious/Nebo without a fender, they'll be all over you like flies to s***. Probably exaggerated, but it's your call.

    As said earlier in this thread, most of it depends on who pulls you over, how nice they are, how much they know the rules (average traffic cop might not) and how nice you are to them.