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GS500F electrical problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gyroside, May 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Early this week I noticed the blue high beam light was going out periodically it didn't have effect on the headlights them selves so I wasn't particularly worried about it until this afternoon I pulled over and put it in neutral an the green neutral light didn't come on then kicked the side down and the kill switch cut the engine off as if it was in gear though without the stand down it would idle in neutral

    There is obviously some electrical problems that is getting worse. I'm not really sure what to start searching for. I'm hoping it as simple as a loose connection in the back of the instruments but this it the first electrical issue I've had with the bike so please any insight will go along way and greatly appreciated

    Cheers Gyro
  2. They are a relatively simple bike electrically. With any diagnosis you need a multimeter, a cheap one is OK, and a circuit diagram. Simple things first:
    1. Battery Terminals tight and clean.
    2. Plug that connects the instrument cluster clean and tightly connected.
    3. Sidestand switch well connected and not worn.

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  3. Once again Chris is a font of excellent information on all things electrical.

    So what's with all the coloured lines. Chris?
  4. Different electrickery has different colours, if you cut the wire then coloured electrickery will leak out on the ground. KTMs have predominantly orange electrickery, Kawasaki's mainly green. ;)
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  5. magic.. different coloured magic
  6. It's all about the magic smoke. The purpose of having insulation on wires is to keep the magic smoke inside, where it belongs. Different coloured insulation denotes the particular shade of magic smoke that wire is supposed to carry. Don't mix up your wire colours, as the different magic smokes then get all confused and don't play nice together.
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  7. Probably a loose connection. Mine did those things and spontaneously fixed itself.
  8. Pull the dash off and pull the globes out, spray contact cleaner in the connectors.
    Same thing happend to my GS500F and GSX750F, good time to replace the halogeons with LED's...I blame water or moisture getting into it.

    Dw Gunissan, you can buy aftermarket magic smoke should some escape while servicing ;)
    Wiring harness smoke - Lucas.
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  9. Steer clear of that Lucas brand stuff. It's too sticky and doesn't flow properly.
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  10. And besides, it doesn't come in metric colours. You can't expect Imperial Grey Smoke to work like that!
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  11. Exactly! If you use that grey stuff you'll end up with dull, dirty-yellow lights. Lucas isn't known as the Prince of Darkness for nothing!
  12. If the side stand switch is cutting the engine when you put the stand down, the problem is more likely to be the switch itself. I'd check that first. If you need more help, I found when I had a GS500 that the gstwins site was very helpful.
  13. If the sidestand switch is killing the engine when you put the stand down, it's probably working just fine. If it's in gear, that's what it's supposed to do. Check the clutch and neutral switches instead.
  14. What DA said.
    I meant to check the neutral switch, but my dyslexia intervened (or was it the dementia, I forget!)
  15. A mate of mine had an electrical problem in his Ford. He reved it too high and a piston came out the side of the block and knocked his altenator off.
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  16. Back when I was an apprentice the mechanical section would have said that was an electrical problem for sure ... and tried to tell me putting the piston back in place was my job as well.
  17. cjvfrcjvfr the kickstand issue didnt happen again and issue caused no other problems beyond the dash lights no longer lighting up. I am very new to any electrical testing of any kind. I went out and bought a multimeter and didn't really understand how to test what I need to test so after feeling a bit overwhelmed I kind of ignored it but its been bugging me not having a neutral light and the problem has spread I longer have an indicator or highbeam dash light.
    Can you point me towards a decent resource to understand a multimeter functionality and settings or really just what I need to no for testing components on the bike.
    Today I checkedthe batteries terminals and gave them a clean pulled the instruments of and checked the globes which didn't seem to be blown an pulled the to tank off to checked connectors in the wiring harness.
    Please if you don't mind helping me out with understanding what I'm doing here. I could take auto electrician but I really want to learn how to sort this out my self.

    Also I noticed a post about you being Smidsy. I hope you have a speedy recovery all the best.

  18. So I figured out how to test continuity......well at least I think I did. some wires I could get a reading others I couldnt the last one I checked made the only remaining dash light the oil pressure light flicker a bit then I gave up went up to the servo and came home to discover I had no power at all I did leave the ignition on for 15mins accidently so hopefully it's just a flat battery which I'm charging now.
    but I have this feeling I shorted something
  19. Maybe it's time to take it to an auto electrician or a motorbike shop.
    It's good to have a crack at it yourself, but if you're getting out of your depth some professional help can be good.
  20. pwbikepwbike I hear ya! Checked the fuse it was blown, replaced and I have power again put everything back together and gone for a Ride. I'm gonna just take it in to an auto electrician and just get it sorted this but I still want to learn more about this.
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