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GS500F Dies at traffic lights

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Alasdair86, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Good evening everybody. I'm getting a little nervous about this as I have to 1) pay rego soon and don't want to if it's stuffed and 2) Do my P's on the 23rd June.

    My issue is that, whilst my bike starts fine, idles fine once warm etc, it seems to die at specific traffic lights, especially when you rapidly go down multiple gears. It dies despite my putting on some throttle. I have had to push it home twice. Now someone on here suggested putting the idle up, and I have done so, so once warm, idle is 1600rpm as per book. Still falls from that when stationary.

    About the bike.

    1) It has 31,000kms on it. Only 4000 of those are mine. Apart from the 30,000 service (where it was found to be in rude health, a few months ago) the only service in the book was the pre-delivery.

    2) It got a brand new battery 3 months ago when the last one died. When that died it didn't start at all.

    3) I recently put oil (the correct type according to the manual, 10w40) in it, but maybe too much.

    4) I have to give a good kick to get neutral, but no issue.

    5) It is stored outside, usually uncovered, because I can't be bothered covering and uncovering it when I ride it basically every day, only missing riding it perhaps 3 days out of every month. However I only ride about 180kms a week as I live near work.

    6) Between buying it in sept and it needing a new battery in march, never gave me a hassle. Between getting the new battery and 3 days ago, again no hassle.

    7) I have never done more than 250kms before topping up the tank, and never had to put in more than 11 litres (it's a 20 litre tank). Whilst I doubt it (surely it the fuel from Sept would have swished around and mixed with the new fuel) is perhaps contaminated fuel an issue? I only use 95 or 98 ron, which probably makes no difference whatever but when it's so fuel efficient $1 more a fill is no biggie.

    I hope that helps. I am personally hoping it is just the spark plugs, or maybe the alternator, and not that a battery loses charge when it hasn't been ridden for a few days (as was the case here, though it had stalled before 5 times only at the lights where you enter union st coming off dandenong rd, though my idle was set at 1100rpm then and it then went fine) because my unit is a second floor unit about 40 metres from my parking spot, and hence trickle-charging every now and then to top up the battery is not practical for me. Interestingly, when I had a car I only used that every 2 weeks or so and never needed to top it's battery up. Would love some help as I love riding, and am sufficiently happy with this bike as to have not bothered booking my P's despite having had my L's since July, as it is perfect as far as power, looks, riding position and economy are concerned. I have about 7 grand saved but was going to buy an original MX-5 or something as fun rainy day transport and girlfriend transport, so hopefully it's nothing serious.

    And yes you can bag me about keeping it uncovered but it's only worth about 3 grand and fairing was already scratched by previous owner (I also dropped it by not having the side stand down all the way, but there where no new scratches).

  2. Ok lets start with some basic things, have you check the throttle cable and/or lubed it? Because the same thing happened to me (would just die sometimes) and it turned out the cable was slipping out from it's holder down near the carb, making the wire slack and giving no throttle response.

    Are you letting it warm up before riding it? Especially in winter my CBF250, a cold-blooded little bike, will hate life if she isn't warmed up before riding off/riding to warm her up. Made that mistake once when I first got her, smashed through the gears at high RPM and the little single was not loving it, coughing and spluttering away.

    Another option may be your fuel. Yes stale fuel does not seem to the best, especially in older carburetted bikes, but I meant the octane rating. Now this can be a bit controversial, and some people have disagreed with me before but I always though high octane fuels were for use in primarily high-compression engines, so that the fuel would resist early detonation. By using it in a little GS500F engine with a probably lower compression, you might find that some of the fuel is not being burnt. Whether this is true, or is somehow causing you problems I am not sure.
    As it hasn't seemed to have affected you for the previous 4000km I doubt it, but something to bring up at least.

    Not sure if these bikes are carbed? But there could also be a problem with your idle jets being clogged, although you did mention that the bike idles fine normally.

    Anyway, wait for someone with more experience than me to come along, I just thought I'd give it a shot and see how I did. Hope you get the issues sorted, and good luck on your P's test.

  3. Thats only happened to me (on my old GS500) when decelerating rapidly. I just assumed I had starved the carbies which went from maximum flow (because I was flogging it) to being basically shut off.

    But it would start again about 5 seconds later (or even crash start it while still moving), so I never had to push it anywhere.