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GS500F Deal???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DaRock, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new to riding and I've been shopping for my first bike. I've done a fair bit of research and I think this is a reasonable sounding deal, but I'm wondering if you can give me you thoughts on the price.

    The bike is a 2008 Suzuki GS500F with just over 6000km on the clock. It's a dealer sale. The dealer says it has just had it's 6000km service, and it comes with full history, 12 months left on factory warranty, and 12 month rego. Drive away price is $6,900- but he thinks he could knock a couple of hundred off for me.

    I can't post any links as the bike isn't on the web yet, but he might be emailing me some photos later today.

    Inspection aside, does this sound like a good deal to everyone else?
  2. I have this exact bike, but I got mine brand new around September/October last year.

    I paid $7500 ride away brand new, so I guess that is a pretty good price for a bike with only 6000Km on the clock.
  3. I got mine with around 12,500kms on the clock for $5,500.00

    So use Trekka's and mine as a comparason for what you think its worth.
  4. use this one for leverage

    peter stevens often have good prices on new bikes so call them too.
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  6. Sounds likea decent deal if its still in good condition etc. Plus it still has warranty on it. I got my GS last year, it was an 06 model with just over 6000Ks on it. Picked it up private sale for $6300. Ask the dealer to throw something in free with it if they can, like tank bag and/or bike lock or something, and also maybe ask for more rego?
  7. Sold mine last year for $5000 - 12 months, 4000 kms,slight scuff on one side (bike fell whilst stationery). Advertised for 5 weeks with very little interest.
  8. Could be because the GS500's are LAMS bikes down here in Vic now, but they seem to move pretty quickly here. I was following GS's on sale for about a month and a half before I bought and quite a few didn't stay advertise long. Size wise it's heaps better than any 250 for me, and I like the extra torque. I've yet to ride 100km on it, but so far it's had pull when I wanted it and handles really well, and I'm not a small speciman.

    GURU: thanks for the advice, unfortunatly the deal was done by the time I read it, but I'm still pretty happy. As well as $300- off the listed price I also got 11.5 months rego, 12 months factory warranty, 3 extra months Peter Stevens warranty, and 12 months RACV roadside assist all packaged in the deal.